Friday, March 24, 2017

Amerikan Military Spending Is Both Insane and Immoral

Ron Paul recently noted: “The fact is the United States already spends too much on militarism. Not only does the United States spend more on the military than the combined military budgets of the next eight highest spending countries, but Pentagon waste exceeds the total Russian military budget.”

That’s right; the real threat to our security is not from Russia, but from our own rulers in Babylon on the Potomac (DC), who are driving this country headlong into bankruptcy and war.

Take a close look at the following chart. It tells the whole story.

The US already spends almost $600 billion a year on the military, and yet, Mr. Trump wants to increase military spending by $54 billion dollars -- an increase of almost 10%. That INCREASE alone is larger than the entire military budgets of all but two of the countries in the world.

It’s time to stop being the world’s nanny and policeman.

The US could easily cut its military spending by two-thirds, and it would still have the largest military budget of any country in the world; and the taxpayers would have 400 billion more dollars in their pockets.

There is no doubt that the US can maintain a defensive military force to counter any threat with “only” 200 billion dollars, if we just cease our disastrous military adventurism and bring all the troops home.

Mr. Trump is obviously not interested in seeing this happen, neither is the Congress, nor are either of the major political parties.

We will soon enough be either bankrupt or vaporized, as a result of Amerikan military expansion and adventurism. We have ignored the wisdom of those who established the American Republic and have instead created a vast Amerikan Empire.

Shortly after the war, General Robert E. Lee wrote to British politician, Lord Acton, of his concern about the future of the US and what it would become: “The consolidation of the states into one vast empire, sure to be aggressive abroad and despotic at home, will be the certain precursor of ruin which has overwhelmed all that preceded it.”

Secession remains our only viable alternative.

Free Florida First advocates for a Free, Independent, Godly, Prosperous, and Traditionally Southern Florida.

Deo Vindice!





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Friday, March 17, 2017

Stop the Madness; End the Biannual Resetting of Time

One day, I suspect the change to and from Daylight Savings Time (DST) will finally push some of us over the edge and be the catalyst that begins the much anticipated (and much needed) Revolution.

I mean from whence comes the state’s authority to regulate time? -- to force us all to reset all of our clocks twice a year? -- First to “lose” an hour; and then later to “gain” it back again.

A 2013 Rasmussen Report found that only 37 percent of Americans thought that daylight saving time (DST) is "worth the hassle." While 45 percent said it was not. The remainder evidently was not alert enough to understand or to answer the question -- since the government had disrupted their sleep patterns.

I searched out several articles about the energy savings allegedly attributed to DST; virtually all agreed that the savings were negligible at the best, or that energy consumption was actually increased at the worse.

An article in Live Science is representative of the findings:

Does Daylight Saving Time Really Save Energy?

I found even more articles cataloging the adverse health effects of DST :

Daylight Saving Time Could Impact Your Health, Experts Say
By Kate Raddatz

Why daylight saving time can be bad for your health
By Ashley Strickland, CNN

7 Ways Daylight Saving Time Can Affect Your Health
By Amanda MacMillan

The last article above listed these seven adverse health effects:

1. IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) success rates drop in March

2. Heart attacks spike after the spring time change

3. Stroke rates rise when DST starts and ends

4. Fatigue and “cyberloafing” are rampant

5. Teens are especially exhausted

6. Cluster headaches may strike

7. Depression diagnoses rise in the fall

As usual, the all-benevolent state intervenes in our daily lives with the supposed motivation of helping us, but because of unintended consequences [and oft times intended ones] they actually end up harming us, and sometimes killing us.

Another very helpful article, from Forbes magazine, brought together the virtually non-existent energy savings and the proven health liabilities associated with DST, providing an excellent summary. Additionally it noted two other harmful effects of DST: Increased criminal activity, and increased incidences of fatal automobile accidents.

“Daylight Saving Time, or DST, might do precious little to save energy, and may even increase energy consumption on the whole. Meanwhile, other studies have suggested links between DST and a variety of disturbing social outcomes, including increases in heart attacks and upticks in criminal behavior.

“A study out of the University of Colorado in October, titled ‘Spring Forward at Your Own Risk,’ suggested a strong association between the reduced sleep and reallocated daylight of DST and fatal car accidents. ‘The increased risk persists for the first six days of DST,’ the author states, ‘causing a total of 302 deaths at a social cost of $2.75 billion over the 10-year sample period.’”
Daylight Saving Time: Negligible Energy Savings, Possibly Deadly?
By Tom Zeller Jr.

I realize that this is not the biggest issue we face, but it is yet another glaring example of the “benefits” that we all reap from a nanny government that is run amok.

It’s time to put an end to the madness. Perhaps we can start with something so simple as getting the government out of the business of controlling time.

Free Florida First advocates for a Free, Independent, Godly, Prosperous, and Traditionally Southern Florida.

Deo Vindice!





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Friday, March 10, 2017

Abortion Is Still Murder

In the past I have identified my worldview as: Christian, Confederate, Paleo-Conservative, and Libertarian. I still believe that these descriptions are an accurate reflection of my core beliefs, though I realize that these terms can be defined variously by different individuals.
I was reminded this week, however, that while I may describe myself as “libertarian”, I cannot identify with, nor support the Libertarian Party.

The Libertarian Party has been posting excerpts from its platform. Earlier this week they posted the following graphic:

I can find no fault with that brief statement. It is essentially a summary of the “Non-Aggression Principle” (NAP). But, knowing the Party’s stance on abortion raised an important question. So, I posed this question to the folks on the Libertarian Party’s page: “Does this include the unborn baby within the womb? The only sort of libertarianism I could support certainly would! Anything less is a sham, to put it very mildly. . . . Abortion is a violation of the NAP . . . I don't see how it can be considered as anything else. It is the initiation of force against the person in the womb. It is murder. I would consider myself a libertarian, but cannot support the Libertarian Party for this reason . . .”

I received the response that I would expect from the humanistic element of the Libertarian Party: “It's not a baby, it's a fetus.”

Following some further discussion I was compelled to ask: “Is there a ‘Libertarian Party’ argument against murder . . . because abortion is murder that takes place in the womb or sometimes partially in the womb.” 

To which I received this response: “The prohibition of murder does not absolve property rights, self ownership, or expand government.” 

What is that supposed to mean? It’s nothing more than doublespeak that seeks to justify the unjustifiable.

So I made a straight-forward inquiry: “Is that supposed to be an answer to my question? Are you saying that murder in the womb is OK?”

But I never did get a straight-forward response.

Later in the week the Party posted this:

I could well have asked again, as I did with the first posting: Does this include the unborn baby within the womb?”

But I would only have received the same sort of duplicitous response from the Party loyalists.

The core of true libertarianism is the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP) which can be boiled down to this:

1 – Don’t commit aggression upon other people.

2 – Don’t steal their stuff.

If that does not apply to the weakest, the most vulnerable, and the most innocent among us, then it really means nothing at all.

I am a libertarian, but I’ll never join the Party.

Many years ago Thomas Jefferson said: “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.”

I must agree with that great Southern gentleman concerning our country and concerning the Libertarian Party as well.

Even more sobering is the following from the Proverbs:

Is there more “innocent blood” than that of the unborn baby within the womb?

Free Florida First advocates for a Free, Independent, Godly, Prosperous, and Traditionally Southern Florida.

Deo Vindice!





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Friday, March 3, 2017

Go Armed . . . All the Time . . . Everywhere!

I shoot competitively in one or two matches every week. They’re just club matches; nothing close to a professional level.  And even at the club level, I’m usually only a middle of the pack shooter. In any case, at a recent match I was reminded why I go armed . . . all the time . . . and everywhere.

One of my fellow competitors, a gentleman I suppose to be few years younger than me, lives in a small unincorporated community here in North Central Florida. One evening he left his home to buy some groceries at a local market.

I don’t know all the details, but someone was evidently unhappy with the manner of his driving and followed him home. As my friend was exiting his vehicle, a significantly bigger and significantly younger man exited his own vehicle and said: “Old man, you’re about to get a beat down.” In the ensuing struggle my acquaintance was picked up and thrown head first onto the ground, significantly injuring his shoulder.

As you might expect, my fellow-shooter has a concealed carry permit and is proficient in the use of firearms, however, he was not carrying a gun at the time of this incident. Perhaps he figured he did not need one for a quick trip to the local grocery store. 

Consider a few observations on this incident:

1. The assailant was younger and bigger than my friend. The established principle of “Disparity of Force” would have almost certainly justified the use of a firearm in this case. (NOTE: “Disparity of Force is defined as a situation that any reasonable person would conclude places you at an overwhelming disadvantage in your effort to protect yourself against immediate and serious bodily injury.” – Ben Findley, USA Carry)

2. My friend was in his own driveway. As I understand Florida law, he had no duty to retreat, and given the disparity of force, would probably have been unable to do so. Florida has a “Stand Your Ground” Law, which would have further justified his use of a firearm.

3. Simply presenting a firearm would probably have ended the confrontation. It would have gone something like this:

: “Old man, you’re about to get a beat down.”

Intended victim: “Not tonight, I’m not.” (As he draws his weapon).

(Assailant retreats)

4. Some might say, well, your friend was just roughed up a bit and only suffered an injured shoulder. That does not justify shooting someone. However, it could have turned out much worse for my friend. He could have been paralyzed for life or killed outright. When someone younger and stronger than you threatens to attack you, and then commences to do so, it is impossible to know where it might end. You have every right to end it as quickly as possible.

My practice is to go armed . . . all the time . . . and everywhere. I live out in the boonies, in the middle of a fenced-in 5.4 acres. I have entry gates at the front and the back of my property; both are padlocked. I have an intimidating looking dog in my yard and entry alarms on my driveways. Still I go armed all the time . . . even at home. (Some of you may remember the “Going Armed Fashion Show” in my blog from a bit over a year ago:

Here are some simple questions you might ask yourself to determine if I am armed:

1. Do you see me? If the answer is “yes” proceed to question 2.

2. Did you pass through a metal detector to get here? If the answer is “no”, then I AM ARMED.

You will almost never find me in a place where I have to pass through a metal detector. It is only in the most imperative and extreme situations that I will go unarmed. For instance, I don’t believe that I’ve flown on a commercial airplane since sometime in the early 1980s -- and I don’t plan to ever do so again, to the best of my ability.

We live in an increasingly dangerous world. It is imperative to be able to defend yourself. The prospect of Islamic terrorism is real. Common street criminals still abound. Increasingly, the radical left seems to think that it is perfectly legitimate to physically attack anyone who disagrees with them. If these leftist thugs consider the Trumpsters to be “deplorables”, what must they think of me? Of recent days I have received not so subtle threats from some of those same Trumpsters for the “crime” of pointing out that their new emperor has no clothes. (

Unless I’m going to be in a situation that demands deep concealment (i.e., a “non-permissive environment”), I usually leave the house with 18 rounds in my carry pistol and two extra magazines of 17 rounds each (for a total of 52 rounds). I do not consider that to be unreasonable at all in the environment in which we all now live.

The bottom line is simply this: Go Armed . . . All the Time . . . Everywhere!

Free Florida First advocates for a Free, Independent, Godly, Prosperous, and Traditionally Southern Florida.

Deo Vindice!





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Friday, February 24, 2017

It’s Time to Go Our Separate Ways

This week two of my favorite commentators wrote articles related to the breakup of the United States and to the inevitability of the disassociation and division of what I call the “Evil Empire” into smaller, local and freer units.

The insightful old Marine, Fred Reed, noted that the great divisions in the country were manifested by the most recent presidential election, though they were not created by it.

Trump did not cause the deep division in the country. It caused him. There are two very different Americas. . . . The two countries have little in common and do not belong on the same geography. . . . Whether Trump proves to be the catastrophic buffoon he apparently aspires to be, the current protests illuminate a stark difference . . . The chasm is far deeper than just politics, embracing culture, taste, manners and morals. The groups are distinct and incompatible. . . . Different peoples. . . . Different civilizations. Virtually no overlap. . . . The divide is far deeper and more general than the heat of the election. Again, two countries.

(You can see the entire article -- “Internal Secession and the Road to Ruin: Two Countries” here:

The brilliant economist, author and editor Lew Rockwell, Jr. wrote an article calling for the breakup of the USA.

. . . Everyone takes for granted that it’s normal for a country of 320 million to be dictated to by a single central authority. . . . what if we simply abandoned this quixotic mission, and went our separate ways?

 . . . All it took was the election of Donald Trump for the alleged toxicity of secession to vanish entirely. The left’s principled opposition to secession and devotion to the holy Union went promptly out the window.

. . . Each side pours tremendous resources into trying to take control of the federal apparatus and lord it over the whole country. . . . How about we call it quits? . . . No more federal fiefdoms, no more forcing 320 million people into a single mold, no more dictating to everyone from the central state.

F. A. Hayek once said that in the future liberty was more likely to flourish in small states. This is surely the way forward for us today.

The regular folks have reached the limits of their toleration of leftist intimidation and thought control, and are hitting back. We can fight it out, or we can go our separate ways.

(You can see the entire article -- “Break Up the USA” here:

We need to recognize that what may be loosely identified as the progressives and the traditionalist are two separate and incompatible entities. The sooner we separate from one another the better. The longer this struggle for domination over the entire country continues between these two antagonist world views -- the more likely we are to come to blood in the streets and possible to a tyrannical dictatorship. The time for political separation has come. The alternative is frightful.

Quoting once again from Mr. Rockwell:

Whatever the case may be, what we can and should do is encourage all decentralization and secession talk, such that these heretofore forbidden options become live once again.

And that is exactly what I intend to do.

Free Florida First advocates for a Free, Independent, Godly, Prosperous, and Traditionally Southern Florida.

Deo Vindice!





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Friday, February 17, 2017

Can Florida Be Free?

Florida is certainly not as homogeneous as it was when I grew up in Homestead in the 1950s and 1960s. There has been a great alien invasion from foreign countries and from yankeedom. Nevertheless, much of the original Florida survives in the heartlands of the state, while entirely different cultures predominate in other areas. Certainly I would love to see the entire state return to what is was like in the 1950s, but I realize that is not going to happen. But can Florida be free? And how might we help bring that about?

Radical political actions would need to be taken and while I don’t claim to have all of the answers, I do think that there are some things for which we can strive.

Some goals for making Florida free:

1. Sovereignty and political power need to devolve to the lowest possible level. Since we already have 67 counties in Florida, we can start with them. The most powerful and sovereign government should reside in the county -- and it should be none too powerful. The individual counties can make their own political decisions; raise their own revenues; and see to the protection of their own citizens. The character of the counties may differ greatly, from the strong Latin influence that is now in the South, to the strong traditionalist and Southern culture in the more Northern counties. Rural Levy County, where I now live, need not be forced into a mold that might work for the generally urban and liberal Dade and Broward counties.

2. Dismantle the strong central governments in both Washington, DC and Tallahassee. The only chief executive officer that any of us should have to deal with should reside in our own counties, and he should be directly accountable to the citizens of that county. Call him a mayor, county executive, county manager, sheriff, whatever. He should be elected or chosen as determined by the Constitutions of the individual counties. Such constitutions and forms of government should be determined by the individual counties.

3. Form a state government on the pattern of the original Articles of Confederation for the United States. Each county may send a designated number of delegates to Tallahassee to the State convention. In any case, each county shall have only one vote in any deliberations. The convention shall only consider things that are concerns of the state as a whole and which can only be addressed by the counties in aggregate. There will be no chief executive office for the state, i.e., a governor. The state can impose no taxes, but may request funds from the counties, when it is determined to be required by the state convention.

4. There may also be the need to form a miniscule government on the national level. That too should be on the pattern of the original Articles of Confederation with one vote for each state in the national assembly and no chief executive officer for the nation, i.e., a president. The national government can impose no taxes, but may request funds as may be required from the states, who, if approved by the state convention would request them from the individual counties.

The county would be the main and most powerful unit of governance (and it would ultimately derive its delegated power from the individual and the family). The county governments would be as limited as possible, as determined by the citizens of each individual county.

I understand that there are many things that would need to be worked out and thought through. However, I am convinced that short of something like this, we are on the path to blood in the streets. The left already seems hell-bent on bringing this about. I think they should be careful what they wish for; they might actually get it; and I don't see how it can turn out well for them. I don’t see how it can turn our well for anyone.

Without a president; without a governor; there will be no competition for these all too powerful offices and the only real government that matters will be local and accountable. San Francisco can keep on being San Francisco; Miami can keep on being Miami; and Levy County, Florida can keep on being Levy County, Florida. Why in the world should liberal San Francisco or liberal Miami have any say at all about how we live in Levy County?

As Jefferson Davis said in his inaugural address; “All we ask is to be left alone.” A system like the one proposed might allow all of us to leave everyone else alone and restore Liberty for all of us. 

Before closing, I will address what might be a common objection: “How would all the various functions of government be maintained under such a system?”

First, it should be recognized that most of the things we consider to be “functions of government” today are totally illegitimate and should not be maintained at all. A system like this would bring about their dissolution.

The ONLY legitimate functions of government are to:

1) Protect citizens and their property from criminal violations.

2) To punish and extract restitution for any such criminal violations.

3) To protect the citizenry from foreign invasion.

Most government and government programs – at every level – could, and should be abolished. Those functions are best addressed by individuals, families, communities and voluntary organizations.

I’m just throwing this out for consideration. Hopefully some folks younger and more intelligent than I can improve on my musings and bring them, or something much better, to fruition.

Free Florida First advocates for a Free, Independent, Godly, Prosperous, and Traditionally Southern Florida.

Deo Vindice!





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