Friday, December 8, 2017

Property Taxes: Yet Another Proof that We Are Pawns of the State

Ron Paul recently posted this on his Facebook page:

* With the Income Tax, government claims ownership of all your income, and decides how much they'll let you keep.

* With the Property Tax, government claims ownership of your home, and you merely lease it at a rate that they see fit. 

* Choose not to pay the government, and you quickly find out that you don't really "own" your own home in America.

It doesn't have to be this way...

My wife and I recently paid our property taxes and it brings to mind several questions. The answers should be apparent, but if they are not, it may be because you support theft -- so long as someone else (government) does the theft on your behalf.

* Why do I never truly own my home, though I paid it off years ago?

* Why must I pay yearly rent (taxes) to the state to continue to live in that home that I own? (I don’t remember signing a “social contract” authorizing someone to rob me of my possessions).

* As I look at my tax assessment, I wonder, who determined what my “fair share” is to pay for the education of other people’s children? (Particularly since I did not send my own children to the government schools and I paid for their education without resorting to robbing anyone else.)

* I wonder if there is anyone in county or state government who would be able or willing to answer these simple questions?

Consider how proud people are to be Americans – how they still think they are free – and we all remain nothing but the slaves of the state.

Ron Paul says: “it doesn’t have to be this way.” I hope that is true. I do know that the very first step to any solution begins with realizing the criminal nature of the state.

Free Florida First advocates for a Free, Independent, Godly, Prosperous, and Traditionally Southern Florida.

Deo Vindice!





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Friday, November 24, 2017

Thanksgiving from a Baptist and a Southern Perspective

Having just celebrated Thanksgiving, I think I’ll share a few thoughts on the holiday from my perspective as a Baptist and as a Southerner.

Concerning the veneration often heaped upon the Pilgrims and Puritans, I remind my Baptist brethren that these folks were hardly true friends of Christian liberty and they thought very little of our Baptist forefathers.

The following taken from D. B. Ray’s book, Baptist Secession, will illustrate that point:

Poets and statesmen have united to swell the sounding praises of the May Flower and its cargo of Pilgrims, who only fled from persecution to become themselves the bitter persecutors of the hated Baptists . . . but, what bard, historian, or statesman, is kind enough to give the name, mark the course, and record the incidents of the voyage of that favored vessel, which conveyed the Welsh Tract church from the shores of Europe across the briny deep, to find a home in the deep, tangled forests of America, where they might unfurl the banner of religious liberty, which should never be stained by the foul blot of persecution? Or, who can furnish the history of that ship which bore the heroic John Clarke from London to the American shores?  Must it be left to ocean winds and waves to sing the praises of these pioneers of the Baptist denomination in America? Perchance these favored vessels were guarded in their perilous voyages by angelic legions, who have treasured up in the archives of heaven the details of the adventures and sufferings of the members of the “sect” which is every-where spoken against.

Ray was writing concerning John Clarke, who established the first Baptist church in America in 1638, and of the Welsh Tract Baptist Church which left Wales and came to America as a group in 1701.

You can read more of how Baptists were treated by the established Protestant churches in America here: Protestant Persecution of Baptists in Early America

As a Southerner, I am also aware that it was not the yankees, but my Southern forebears who first celebrated a Thanksgiving in America. Christopher M. Sullivan, Former Commander-in-Chief, Sons of Confederate Veterans reminds us:

Modern pundits often credit U.S. President Abraham Lincoln with proclaiming the first Thanksgiving Day. Or, even more prominently, we see the first Thanksgiving Day associated with the Pilgrims who settled at Plymouth Rock, in what is now Massachusetts.

Like so much of what we hear about American history this is simply wrong.

The first Thanksgiving in this country was, in fact, celebrated at Jamestown, Virginia in December 1607. The Berkley Plantation’s charter required that the day of the colonist’s safe arrival, “…shall be yearly and perpetually kept holy as a day of thanksgiving….” The sour-faced Pilgrims were still thirteen years into the future.

Of course, the politically correct love to point to the happy scene of the Pilgrims in their black garb, white collars and stiff hats, sitting at a grand banquet with the ruddy savages, all in all a scene of peace and ethnic tranquility. This joint celebration took place because the Pilgrims’ socialistic economic practices (i.e., a common storehouse) had driven them to the brink of starvation, before the Indians took pity and rescued them. If those Indians had only known . . .

But, despite all the credit incorrectly given to the Pilgrims of New England, it is President Lincoln who is oft credited with the first Thanksgiving proclamation because it began an unbroken string of such acts occurring in late November.

But Lincoln was not even the first president to do so since George Washington had issued such a proclamation in 1789. More to the point for us, Confederate President Jefferson Davis declared Friday, November 15, 1861 as, “…a day of national humiliation and prayer…,” — a full two years before Lincoln’s more famous declaration.

Now, Thanksgiving Day is little more than the opening day of shopping season. In 1861, however, it was a different story.

At the time he issued his proclamation, Pres. Davis understood the enormity of the danger the South was facing and his decision to call upon the, “. . . clergy and the people of these Confederate States to repair on that day to their homes and usual places of public worship, and to implore blessing of Almighty God upon our people, that he may give us victory over our enemies, preserve our homes and altars from pollution, and secure to us the restoration of peace and prosperity” was more than just a platitude.

I pray that y’all had a blessed Thanksgiving and that you were able to do so without venerating our yankee puritan oppressors and persecutors.

You might also be interested in listening to our Thanksgiving day service that includes a brief message covering some of these same topics:

Free Florida First advocates for a Free, Independent, Godly, Prosperous, and Traditionally Southern Florida.

Deo Vindice!





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Friday, November 10, 2017

Let Me Ask One More Time: Were You Armed in Church this Sunday?

This is how I preach in the pulpit every Sunday. I think it my duty to be openly armed as an example and encouragement to others -- AND as a discouragement and warning to some others as well. As Christ’s under shepherd, it is my duty to protect the flock.

Less than two months ago I posed the question: Were you armed in church this Sunday? And now, once again, this past Sunday (11/5/17), a low-life atheist scum murdered more than two dozen people in a church meeting house in Texas. He wounded almost that many more. Reports now confirm that he fired over 400 rounds, stopping to change magazines some 15 times.

Allow me to restate some of my previous comments and to add to them:

1 – You are not “safe” in church and you need to be prepared to defend yourself -- EVERYWHERE.

2 – You should ALWAYS be armed – ALWAYS. The right to defend yourself, and hence to be armed, is God-given. It is not granted by, nor legitimately restricted by, the state or anyone else. If the “law” would disarm you, then in the immortal words of Charles Dickens’ character, Mr. Brumble: “the law is an ass.”

3 – The police CANNOT and will not protect you – and according to the courts it is not even their duty to do so. They show up after the fact; they take perps into custody (if they have not already killed themselves); and they draw chalk lines. Additionally, they will confiscate any firearm that was used for legitimate self-defense and will oft times arrest those who defended themselves and/or their loved ones against an aggressor. In this most recent incident in Texas, it was two citizens who took down the perpetrator (NOT THE POLICE) and neither of them had military or police training.

4 – Had there been armed members of the congregation in Texas, the shooter could have been taken under fire and his ability to inflict harm would have been greatly reduced, if not eliminated. He would have been particularly vulnerable every time he paused to reload and could likely have been taken out.

5 – Will you be ready to do your duty should something like this happen at your church, at your place of business, at your organization, or at your home? Make no mistake about it, if you are the head of a household it is your duty to protect your family.

6 – AND one more note, for you tyrannical do-gooders, who would like to disarm me and violate my rights and diminish my ability to protect my own -- I stand just as ready to meet you (and your paid minions) as I do to meet any other evil doer who would seek to harm my family or to lessen my ability to protect them.

So, I ask, as I have before: Were you armed in church this Sunday?

This is the sign that appears at the back of our meeting house:

I know that many in the congregation are armed in addition to me. Some carry openly and some concealed.

One last note -- this is how I speak from the podium at our Free Florida First meetings:

I do suspect that there are some folks that would like to make us a target on many different levels. So be it. I am determined that we will not be an easy one.

Free Florida First advocates for a Free, Independent, Godly, Prosperous, and Traditionally Southern Florida.

Deo Vindice!





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Friday, October 27, 2017

Consistency, thou art a jewel!

What a precious and rare jewel consistency is!

Many of us may strive for it, but none of us perfectly attain to it. That does not mean, however, that we should not pursue it.

I read an article this week about the conspiracy between big business, big religion, and big government to advance the settlement of alien peoples and cultures into small-town America (yes, you guessed it, Muslims). This conspiracy is leading to the destruction of the shared culture and morals in many small towns across the land.

What I find more disturbing is how many rational and liberty-loving folks, folks who stand against such destructive immigration, are willing to lend their support to this despicable conspiracy on Sunday. They lend their support to the conspiracy by where they choose to worship and where they choose to contribute.

Monday through Saturday, they may be liberty loving Confederates, Libertarians, or Conservatives, but on Sunday they support the utter destruction of Western Culture in their own backyard.

I invite you to research this conspiracy for yourself. The article cited above mentions several denominations and groups by name, but there are no doubt many others:

1. The National Council of Churches, with which most mainline Protestant denominations are affiliated.

2. The Episcopal Church

3. A Jewish Society

4. The Lutheran Church

5. The Catholic Church

6. The National Association of Evangelicals

Consider that if your Monday through Saturday worldview does not align with the worldview promoted by the place where you worship on the weekend, you are lending to the destruction of yourself, your children, your culture, your morals, and your community.

I am somewhat baffled by how many folks are content to build an artificial wall between their “secular” and their “sacred” views and practices. I have a hard time justifying such a wall from the Scriptures.

Please understand that I have by no means attained, but I do strive to be the same on Sunday that I am the remainder of the week.

Philippians 3:12-14 
Not as though I had already attained, either were already perfect: but I follow after, if that I may apprehend that for which also I am apprehended of Christ Jesus.  (13)  Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before,  (14)  I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

* I go armed all week long – I go armed on Sunday.

* I fly the Confederate flags of my fathers all week long – I fly the flags of my fathers on Sunday.

* I stand for Western Christian Culture all week long – I stand for Western Christian Culture on Sunday.

* I stand for personal responsibility, liberty and volunteerism all week long – I stand for personal responsibility, liberty and volunteerism on Sunday.

* I reverence a Sovereign God all week long – I reverence a Sovereign God on Sunday.

If you cannot be and support on Sunday what you are and support the rest of the week, you need to reevaluate what you really are and what you really stand for.

I’m not trying to make everyone a Baptist. What good would that do? The Lord knows that there are plenty that claim to be “Baptists” that are as corrupt and inconsistent as any of the other “churches” mentioned above.

I’m not even trying to make an Independent Sovereign Grace Baptist of everyone. I believe that God alone is capable of that.

John 15:16 
Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you.

I’m just saying that I don’t really understand how some folks continue to support organizations, societies, and churches – not to mention governments (you know, like the good ole’ US of A) – that seek to undermine their communities, their cultures, their morals and their very existence.

So in closing, I reiterate: If you have difficulty being on Sunday what you are all week long, you either need to be something different on Sunday, or something different the rest of the week.

Free Florida First advocates for a Free, Independent, Godly, Prosperous, and Traditionally Southern Florida.

Deo Vindice!





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Friday, October 20, 2017


Recently one of my favorite bloggers highlighted the following comment made by one of his readers:

Sorry, I will not cache my guns. . . . I will act according to the rights bestowed upon me by my creator. . . . I am not going to go quietly into the night so that those in power can gain even more than they have. . . . If the time comes that I need to hide my guns, then it is the time that our own government has become that which our founders fought to keep from controlling them as well as future citizens. We then become the resistance to the very people that would enslave us. . . . My simple answer to all of it is, NO! I will not comply.
(Herschel Smith, The Captain’s Journal

That comment brought to mind a remark made several years ago by the brilliant economist, Walter Williams:

Today's liberals wish to disarm us so they can run their evil and oppressive agenda on us. The fight against crime is just a convenient excuse to further their agenda. I don't know about you, but if you hear that Williams' guns have been taken, you'll know Williams is dead.

We are now seeing self-professed pro-Second Amendment organizations, like the NRA, and “conservative” politicians lending their support to outlawing and even confiscating firearm accessories, such as “bump stocks,” high capacity magazines, etc. Just think about it for a moment. What they are ultimately advocating is having someone (not themselves, of course) come to my door and demand that I surrender a piece of plastic or a piece of metal that I legally acquired in the past. Then, should I refuse to surrender my legitimately owned property they are advocating my incarceration and/or my death.

So, should I refuse to comply with their illegitimate, immoral and unconstitutional demands -- should I be so bold as to defend my rights – they are perfectly content with my imprisonment – they are perfectly content with my death -- to advance their tyrannical and ungodly agenda.

So, lest there be any misunderstanding, I will publicly proclaim my intentions, before God and man.

  • Here I stand, so help me God!
So, if you are inclined to violate my God-given rights, my response to you is a very simple one:

Molon Labe

And lest you misunderstand that, I say “Come and take them” – if you think you can – if you are willing to take the life a God-fearing, liberty-loving Christian to advance your nefarious political agenda.

Know that I will resist. Know that I will defend myself, my property, and my family.

Know that I have no intention of living as your subject or as your slave.

So when you come, you best bring your lunch with you.

Luke 22:36 
Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.

Luke 11:21  
When a strong man armed keepeth his palace, his goods are in peace: 

Free Florida First advocates for a Free, Independent, Godly, Prosperous, and Traditionally Southern Florida.

Deo Vindice!





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