Friday, September 25, 2015

History must be purged!

This past week our local “big town” newspaper, The Gainesville Daily Worker Sun published an editorial calling for the renaming of the Alachua County Public Schools Administrative Center. The center is named for Edmund Kirby-Smith, Confederate General, Educator, and proud son of Florida.

I’ll spare you the spurious and slanderous details, but I was immediately motivated to pen a letter to said editor. I did not really think that it would see the light of day in that neo-Marxist rag, but they did publish it, with some significant edits (see below). I went to their web site and included the portion they edited out in their comments section. I'm sharing the letter now with those who receive our weekly paper and those who read my blog and /or Facebook pages.

Link to Gainesville Sun's edited version of my letter:


It seems that the editor of the Gainesville Sun has finally figured out who Edmund Kirby-Smith was. So, the General must now take his place with the other non-persons who fail to measure up to the modern “progressive” ideal.

Smith was born and raised in Florida. He was the son of a Superior Court judge in the new territory of Florida. When he went off to the US Military academy his fellow cadets called him, “Seminole”, a name that reflected his pride in being a native Floridian. It’s hard to imagine stronger Florida ties. True enough he was away from home during his service in the military, but that does not negate his roots.

Smith would serve with distinction in the forces of the Confederate States of America after his homeland was invaded by the northern hordes.

Genuine Floridians have long been proud of Edmund Kirby-Smith and they have every reason to be so. He was a military hero, a well-respected educator and above all a dedicated Christian.

The Sun editorial quotes a source that makes the ludicrous assertion: “Other than being born to a distinguished family in St. Augustine in 1824, Smith had little to do with Florida during his lifetime.” That’s akin to asking, “Well, other than that how did you like the play, Mrs. Lincoln?”

And speaking of the tyrant, a far more appropriate candidate for renaming would be the Abraham Lincoln Middle School. As we might well ask: “Other than being the Commander-in-Chief of an army that invaded Florida, destroyed the property of her citizens and maimed and murdered them, what did Lincoln have to do with Florida during his lifetime?”

Pastor Greg Wilson
Chairman, Free Florida First

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

September 27th Southern Flag Pride Ride

Lord willing, Free Florida First will be participating in a Southern Flag Pride Ride this Sunday, September 27th from Bronson to Chiefland.
Come out and join us if you can. If you don't have flags, we will have some for sale (proceeds going to Free Florida First). We have a limited number of "car flags" that you can attach to you windows as well.

Here is in the pertinent information provided by Carrie Boatwright, the organizer. (GREAT WORK YOU ARE DOING, CARRIE!)
1. Time & Date:
- Sunday, September 27th
- Assemble between 2:30pm and 3:30pm
- LEAVING promptly at 3:30pm.
2. Place:- Staging area is 7371 NE 90th Court, Bronson, Florida 32621
- Google Maps link:
- End of route is corner of Hwy 19 and CR 346, in Chiefland
- I'm not sure of the EXACT route, but I assume that it will be something like this:
- Google Maps link:
- Non-perishable food items will be collected for distribution to charity. Please bring one or two items.
4. Facebook Page for Southern Flag Pride:
- It is a closed group. Request to join for updates.

Friday, September 18, 2015

You just need to vote a little harder this time around!

Do yourself a favor, and don’t get all worked up about the upcoming presidential elections. At the core ALL the candidates are crony capitalists, fascists and socialists. At the very best there are only very small differences of degree. As George Wallace noted back in 1966, “There’s not a dime's worth of difference between the Democrat and Republican parties.” That statement is still true today, and a dime ain’t worth nearly what it was in Wallace’s time.

All the candidates support big government and unconstitutional federal intrusion into your states and into your private lives. They all seek to maintain and advance the federal tyranny.

Consider, if you will, the most recent Congressional elections. Folks got all worked up. They were allowed to elect a Republican majority. And what may I ask has changed? Can you tell me even one thing. What has gotten better? How has the cause of liberty been advanced?

Some folks tell me that if I don’t vote I have no right to complain. In fact, it is the opposite that is true. If you vote, you have no right to complain. If you vote, you have given your consent to the corrupt system. If you vote you have agreed to abide by the results and they are never good, even if your man wins.

Let me say very clearly, I DO NOT CONSENT! I have seceded in my own mind and heart from this illegitimate regime. I will continue to encourage others to do so. I will work at building our small cadre of freedom lovers. I will do what I can to construct an alternate community that seeks to separate itself from the current regime.

Voting, particularly in national elections, accomplishes absolutely nothing positive.

It will keep you busy doing things of no importance. It will keep you from properly focusing upon the tyranny that encompasses us. It will give you an illusion of having some say in your government. It will keep you forever ignorant and unthinking sheep.

So go ahead, Charlie Brown, vote just one more time!

And try to vote a little harder this time.

Free Florida First advocates for a Free, Independent, Godly, Prosperous, and Traditionally Southern Florida.

Deo Vindice!





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Friday, September 11, 2015

Racism! Racism! Everywhere . . .

I suppose that most of you have already seen the video of two Texas high school football players who blind-sided a referee during a Friday night football game.

I  could have told you what was coming. The players now accuse the referee of directing “racial slurs” towards them. To all too many minds this alone would justify their actions.
It seems that being perceived as a “racist” is sufficient grounds for any retaliation, up to and including murder.
As you will remember, it was just days ago that an offended black man murdered two former colleagues on live television.
His so-called “manifesto” alleged all sorts of “racial slurs” committed by his victims and other individuals at his former place of employment.

Many trace the origin of the term “racist” to the Communists and specifically to Leon Trotsky. Regardless of its origin it is a term that is now used so broadly and so casually by the Marxist Left and neo-Cons as to be absolutely without meaning. Yet it is a word that strikes fear in the hearts of a great many people.

Certainly I’ve been called a racist, though I honestly still do not know what that term is supposed to mean. Several months ago, when I was leaving my dentist’s office, a young man began to shout obscenities at me and call me a “racist.” I can only suppose that his outburst was provoked by the pro-Southern stickers on my vehicle. None of them so much as mentioned race.
I’m proud to be a Southern white man, with significant Cherokee blood as well. I love my kith and kin above others with whom I do not have such an association. I guess for some folks that’s enough to convict me of “racism.”
I have no animosity towards other races. I wish them well. I would hope that we could live together in peace and harmony.
There are folks of other races within the “liberty movement”, within the “Southern movement” and among my fellow Christians for whom I have the utmost respect and affection and with whom I enjoy genuine fellowship.
But having said that, being a “racist”, whatever that may be, is not ILLEGAL. It is not justification for someone to destroy your property or to assault you.
If someone does not wish to associate with someone else for whatever reason, it is perfectly within their rights to do so.
If someone wishes to harbor disparaging thoughts or say disparaging things about other people, for whatever reason, it is their rights to do so.
Racism, whatever it may be, is not a capital offense. If folks wish to separate from those whom they perceive to be “racist” it is also their right to do so.
If a private individual or business wishes to discriminated, for whatever reason, it is their prerogative to do so, regardless of tyrannical laws to the contrary.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Where are the liberty-loving governors and sheriffs and mayors?

It’s been a hectic week, somehow I lost a day. I did not realize it was Friday until my second cup of coffee this morning, so my blog may be a bit shorter this week.

On Monday my eldest daughter flew back home from China where she has lived for the past eight years, with occasional visits back home. She is now looking to return permanently to the States and to the field of microbiology, in which she received her PhD.

Anyway, I guess and I’m still looking for Thursday. I don’t know whether to blame old age or retirement, or something else.

Rowan County Kentucky Town Clerk, Kim Davis has been taken away and incarcerated by Federal Marshalls for refusing to issue marriage licenses to sodomite “couples.”

Her theology and her view of the role of government may not perfectly align with mine, but she has nevertheless shown genuine courage and a willingness to stand up and say NO to tyranny!  We seldom see anything like this in this sissified society in which we now live.

An unconstitutional law is null and void, and it is the duty of the lesser magistrates, such as Mrs. Davis, to refuse to enforce it. Indeed one might ask, what jurisdiction does the US Supreme Court have in Rowan County, Kentucky at all?

Mrs. Davis has stood firm against the unconstitutional and ungodly rulings from the US Supreme Court. But we have to ask, where were the sheriff and the governor, who should have stood between Mrs. Davis and the tyrannical feral Federal government? They have ignored their sworn duties and cowered in the corner.

Why didn’t the Rowan County Sheriff arrest those Federal Marshall who were dispatched to take Mrs. Davis into custody?

Mrs. Davis will be made an example, lest anyone else should presume to stand up for our God-given rights and for Biblical morality.

This has ever been the way of the tyrant.

I pray for Mrs. Davis and I pray that God might be pleased raise up someone in an executive leadership position, be it a governor, or a mayor, or a sheriff, who will face the Federal tyrants and say: NO, WE WILL NOT COMPLY!