Friday, September 11, 2015

Racism! Racism! Everywhere . . .

I suppose that most of you have already seen the video of two Texas high school football players who blind-sided a referee during a Friday night football game.

I  could have told you what was coming. The players now accuse the referee of directing “racial slurs” towards them. To all too many minds this alone would justify their actions.
It seems that being perceived as a “racist” is sufficient grounds for any retaliation, up to and including murder.
As you will remember, it was just days ago that an offended black man murdered two former colleagues on live television.
His so-called “manifesto” alleged all sorts of “racial slurs” committed by his victims and other individuals at his former place of employment.

Many trace the origin of the term “racist” to the Communists and specifically to Leon Trotsky. Regardless of its origin it is a term that is now used so broadly and so casually by the Marxist Left and neo-Cons as to be absolutely without meaning. Yet it is a word that strikes fear in the hearts of a great many people.

Certainly I’ve been called a racist, though I honestly still do not know what that term is supposed to mean. Several months ago, when I was leaving my dentist’s office, a young man began to shout obscenities at me and call me a “racist.” I can only suppose that his outburst was provoked by the pro-Southern stickers on my vehicle. None of them so much as mentioned race.
I’m proud to be a Southern white man, with significant Cherokee blood as well. I love my kith and kin above others with whom I do not have such an association. I guess for some folks that’s enough to convict me of “racism.”
I have no animosity towards other races. I wish them well. I would hope that we could live together in peace and harmony.
There are folks of other races within the “liberty movement”, within the “Southern movement” and among my fellow Christians for whom I have the utmost respect and affection and with whom I enjoy genuine fellowship.
But having said that, being a “racist”, whatever that may be, is not ILLEGAL. It is not justification for someone to destroy your property or to assault you.
If someone does not wish to associate with someone else for whatever reason, it is perfectly within their rights to do so.
If someone wishes to harbor disparaging thoughts or say disparaging things about other people, for whatever reason, it is their rights to do so.
Racism, whatever it may be, is not a capital offense. If folks wish to separate from those whom they perceive to be “racist” it is also their right to do so.
If a private individual or business wishes to discriminated, for whatever reason, it is their prerogative to do so, regardless of tyrannical laws to the contrary.

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