Friday, February 26, 2016

America: No longer the ruler of her own spirit

America has become the thing that our early leaders most feared and in more ways than one.

But today let us just consider the matter of foreign policy.

Our first President admonished us in his Farewell Address that our foreign policy should be “to steer clear of permanent alliance with any portion of the foreign world.”

In his inaugural address, our second President, Thomas Jefferson, stated that American foreign policy was: “Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations-entangling alliances with none.”

In his July 4, 1821 speech to the U.S. House of Representatives, Secretary of State, John Quincy Adams, who would himself become an American President, set forth America’s foreign policy under the Monroe Administration:

She [America] has, in the lapse of nearly half a century, without a single exception, respected the independence of other nations while asserting and maintaining her own. She has abstained from interference in the concerns of others, even when conflict has been for principles to which she clings . . . Wherever the standard of freedom and Independence has been or shall be unfurled, there will her heart, her benedictions and her prayers be. But she goes not abroad, in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to the freedom and independence of all. She is the champion and vindicator only of her own. . . . She well knows that by once enlisting under other banners than her own, were they even the banners of foreign independence; she would involve herself beyond the power of extrication . . . The fundamental maxims of her policy would insensibly change from liberty to force. . . . . She might become the dictatress of the world. She would be no longer the ruler of her own spirit. . . . [America's] glory is not dominion, but liberty. . . .

In 1823, President James Monroe could state that: “In the wars of the European powers, in matters relating to themselves, we have never taken part, nor does it comport with our policy, so to do. It is only when our rights are invaded, or seriously menaced that we resent injuries, or make preparations for our defense.”

But America now pursues a foreign policy that is precisely the opposite of what was described by these early Presidents. We are now entangled in the affairs of virtually every nation upon the face of the earth. We have indeed become the Dictatress of the World, but we are no longer the ruler of our own spirit.

Several years ago, Ron Paul noted that America has military personnel in 130 nations and some 900 bases overseas. Things have only worsened in recent years.

How did this come about?

It was but another rotten fruit of the un-Constitutional war that was made against the Southern States, a war that resulted in one consolidated Nation-State, as opposed to the voluntary union of free and independent states that had been envisioned by America’s founders.

General Robert E. Lee recognized this result of the war and in an 1866 letter to Great Britain’s Lord Acton, when he wrote:

I yet believe that the maintenance of the rights and authority reserved to the states and to the people, [is] not only essential to the adjustment and balance of the general system, but the safeguard to the continuance of a free government. . . . Whereas the consolidation of the states into one vast republic, sure to be aggressive abroad and despotic at home, will be the certain precursor of that ruin which has overwhelmed all those that have preceded it.

Elevating yet another arrogant statist to the office of the President, be he or she a Republican or a Democrat, will only exasperate our current predicament. The only sane course is to separate and to go our own way. Perhaps God will see fit to show us the path to make this a reality. In the meantime we ought to simply withdraw our consent. Don’t fly the striped rag. Don’t pledge to it. Don’t serve in its Imperial Armed Forces. Don’t participate in its sham national elections.

As General Lee wrote in an 1863 order to his troops, acknowledging President Davis’ call for a day of fasting and prayer:

Let us humble ourselves before Him. Let us confess our many sins, and beseech Him to give us a higher courage, a purer patriotism, and more determined will; that He will hasten the time when war, with its sorrows and sufferings, shall cease, and that He will give us a name and place among the nations of the earth.

Deo Vindice!


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Friday, February 19, 2016

Sometimes it takes me all day to get nothing done

I did not accomplish as much this week as I would have liked to, including composing my weekly blog until this morning.

A couple specific things consumed the better part of two days: One was our first chicken killing and all the setup associated with it. The second was the purchase of a new (to me) truck.

In many ways I felt like the young lady in this graphic this past week:

Sometimes it takes me all day to get nothing done.

I’ll just say a few things about the purchase of my truck and leave comments about our chicken killing for another day.

I realize that my personal practices and preferences may not work for everyone, but hopefully some of y’all will be able to take something from my experiences.

  1. For many decades now I’ve done all that I could to stay out of debt. I’ve not made payments on a vehicle since sometime in the 70s and the same may be said for paying interest on a credit card, or anything else. The only exception was mortgage payments on our home.

  2. Basically, if we cannot afford to pay cash for something, we don’t purchase it until we can. This includes EVERYTHING . . . with the possible exception of a home. We paid off our house as quickly as we could, some twenty years ago, and have been ABSOLUTELY debt free since then.

  3. Actually, I’ve almost never made credit card payments. I’m just not wealthy enough to afford the interest payments.

  4. I use credit cards purely as a convenience and pay them off in full EACH MONTH -- never carrying a balance. If I could not manage to handle them in this manner, I would cut them up and throw them away. The first rule of holes . . . when you find yourself at the bottom of one . . . STOP DIGGING

I’m hardly the perfect example. I’m not nearly as frugal as I ought to be, but given the times we live in, I strongly encourage everyone to get out of debt as soon as possible.

Paying cash allows you to avoid paying for expensive collision insurance as well. I pay for liability and buy vehicles that I could afford to replace should something unforeseen happen.

I realize that everyone’s circumstances differ and that things happen that may require different strategies, but I submit these thoughts -- just for your consideration.

And consider this thought from the Scriptures: "The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender." -- Proverbs 22:7

Anyway here is my latest truck (my old one just turned over 200,000 miles and was on its last leg, so a replacement had become necessary). The dealership took the photo for their Facebook page.

It’s a 14 year old 2002 Nissan Frontier with only 52,500 miles on it. A small independent dealer helped me find it. Lord willing it could well last another 15 years, at which time I would be 80, should the Lord tarry and should He determine that I live so long.

Y’all stay strong.

Deo Vindice!


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Friday, February 12, 2016

Wickedness surpassing that of old . . .

Those who read my blog know that one of my signature phrases has been: “Mamas don’t let your babies grow up to be Imperial Storm Troopers.” I don’t believe that any young Christian or any young Southerner should serve the amerikan Empire in its military or in its national police (by whatever name they may be called).

Now it seems that I need to be expand my admonition to something along these lines: “Mamas don’t let you little princesses grow up to be Imperial Storm Troopers.”

Recently both the Commandant of the Marine Corps and the Chief of Staff of the Army announced their support for requiring young women to register for the military draft and for their inclusion in any future draft imposed upon the subjects of the amerikan Empire.

My sermon on Sunday dealt with this issue and several other issues related to the Empire. (If you are interested you may listen to it here:

Briefly, when Old Testament Israel demanded a king, God warned them of the demands he would make and of the liberties they would lose. He warned of the dangers of a large central government, of its standing army, of its huge bureaucracy, of the impressment of their sons into the military and of their daughters into other services of the state. He warned of exorbitant taxation and more. (See 1 Samuel 8)

But as we consider each of the warnings that God gave to Israel, we quickly realize that the kings of Israel never attained to the advanced level of statism and tyranny that we suffer in Amerika today. Indeed even the most wicked pagan kings of the ancient world could not hold a candle to our own masters in Babylon on the Potomac. For one example, God warned Israel that a king would impose as much as a 10% tax upon his subjects. Today a 10% “flat tax” is being advance as a relief from the tax burdens that are now imposed upon us.

But back to the matter of the draft -- it is nothing more than involuntary servitude -- slavery, if you will. When it is imposed upon our sons, it is immoral and unconscionable. When it is made to include our daughters it is evil almost beyond description. There are no examples amongst to ancients of any empire or kingdom that impressed its young women into the military. This outrage has been left for these last times and for an amerikan Empire that is obviously in its death throes.

I will never willingly surrender my posterity to be sacrifices to the blood lust of the amerikan Empire. In particular I will fight them tooth and nail should they come for my daughters or my granddaughters.

Open your eyes! How can you continue to wave that striped rag and pledge your allegiance to the ungodly empire that it represents?

And it can’t have my daughters!

Free Florida First advocates for a Free, Independent, Godly, Prosperous, and Traditionally Southern Florida.

Deo Vindice!





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Friday, February 5, 2016

Think Secession

I am always encouraging folks to secede from the yankee empire that is based in Babylon on the Potomac.

Ultimately we would hope to see our own counties and states stand up and break that federal chain that binds.

For the time being, however, secession begins in our own hearts and minds. In the past I’ve offered some suggestion about how to start. Today I will provide some more specifics that you might consider.

First and foremost: Stop reciting that anti-Southern, anti-Christian, and socialistic pledge to the US flag. See here for some background:

Next, get rid of the striped rag of the Amerikan Empire. If your immediate reaction is to ask: “WHY?” Then at least consider the following:

  • Yankee troops under that flag invaded our Southern homeland, destroyed our property and economy and subjugated us at the point of a bayonet. (For those of us with Native American ancestry, the outrages are only multiplied.)

  • The government that is represented by that flag supports the murder of the unborn, persecutes those who oppose sodomy, seeks to limit your God-given rights, including the right to keep and bear arms, and sticks its nose in every little crook and cranny around the globe and systematically robs us of our hard earned dollars.

  • The government that is represented by that flag is doing everything that it can to eradicate our Southern Christian culture and way of life.

  • In truth this list could go on almost endlessly, but I’ll save that for another day. What’s above should be more than sufficient.
Then, begin to fly flags of the resistance. Doing so will encourage you in your stand against the empire and will encourage those that see your flags as well. At the very least it will provide opportunities to promote liberty to those who inquire about your flags and perhaps acquaint you with other liberty-minded individuals.

Here’s a part of what we currently do around here. Perhaps you can take some of these ideas and expand upon them.

On the flag pole in my yard I fly three flags, 24/7/365.

  1. Flag of the State of Florida – my country!

  2. Third National Flag of the Confederate States of American – the current flag of the confederation of the Sovereign Southern States that seceded from the yankee union in 1860 and 1861, and which NEVER officially or legally surrendered.

  3. Battle Flag of the Confederate States of America – because it ain’t over yet.
At my front gate I keep two small Confederate Battle Flags on garden stands 24/7/365.

When we have church services on Sundays, when we have our monthly Free Florida First meetings, and on other special days I put nine 3’X5’ flags along the front fence line.

1.     Modified “Come and Take It” flag with M-4

2.     Gadsden “Don’t Tread on Me” flag

3.     Bonnie Blue Flag

4.     First National Confederate Flag

5.     Second National Confederate Flag

6.     1861 Florida Flag

7.     Current Florida Flag

8.     Third National Confederate Flag

9.     Battle Flag

For more details on the meaning of these flags and some others you might like to look at the little booklet I compiled for the flags we display for our annual Confederate Memorial Day observance.

The point being – why not take down the striped rag of the empire and put up something else that truly stands for liberty?

If nothing else, I would encourage you to take down the Empire’s flag and put up the flag of your own state in its place.

Think Secession – Think Liberty!

With that in mind,  I strongly encourage you to read and digest the article that is linked below. It does an excellent job of summarizing that for which we should be striving. We cannot fix the USA, but with God’s help, we can initiate liberty on a local level. Secede NOW!

Free Florida First advocates for a Free, Independent, Godly, Prosperous, and Traditionally Southern Florida.

Deo Vindice!





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