Friday, August 24, 2018

Slandered by the Communist Press and the NAACP

Recently our local communist rag, The Gainesville Sun, published an article celebrating the one year anniversary of the removal of the Confederate Soldier statue from downtown Gainesville, Florida. The United Daughters of the Confederacy, who originally erected that statue some 114 years ago, took possession of the statue and relocated it to Oak Ridge Cemetery, near Micanopy. My wife and I had the privilege of attending the rededication.

 “Old Joe” in his new home

The article consisted mostly of gloating and celebrating the destruction of culture and history. Included was a comment from the president of the local NAACP, a comment full of lies, slander, bile, and hatred.

Alachua County NAACP President Evelyn Foxx

I wrote a letter to the editor in defense of my ancestors and of those of us who still honor and remember them. It’s been over ten days now, so I suppose it will not be published. In any case, I send it out in this week’s blog with the hope that some will find it of interest or value.


LETTER TO THE EDITOR (as yet unpublished)

The Gainesville Sun recently printed an article reflecting on the removal of the Confederate Statue from downtown Gainesville. The article states that “Alachua County NAACP President Evelyn Foxx said she remembers how angry some were when the statue was removed. She said it shows that some were OK with racial injustices and inequalities.”

What a sad, narrow, prejudiced, bigoted, and uneducated view of the meaning of that statue and the reasons for its erection. What slander against those of us who remember and honor our Confederate ancestors.

Brave men from Alachua and surrounding counties took up arms to defend their homes and families from an invading alien army from the north. I am proud to say that several of my own ancestors were included in those brave Florida Confederates.

The statue contains not one word about fighting for “racial injustice and inequalities.” Rather it simply states: “They fell for us, and for them should fall the tears of a nation’s grief . . . They counted the cost and in defence of right they paid the martyr's price."

Even the president of the yankee union, Mr. Lincoln, clearly stated on the eve of his immoral and unconstitutional invasion of the South that: "I have no purpose, directly or indirectly, to interfere with the institution of slavery in the States where it exists. I believe I have no lawful right to do so, and I have no inclination to do so." (Lincoln's First Inaugural Address, March 4, 1861).

Pastor Greg Wilson
Landmark Baptist Church
11150 NE 113th Place
Archer, Florida


Whether it is published in the Gainesville Sun or not, truth remains truth, and this grateful descendant of Confederate soldiers will continue to honor his ancestors and their sacrifices.

Deo Vindice! I have no doubt but that our God will ultimately vindicate our righteous cause!

* * * * * * 

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Though it took a while, the Gainesville Sun actually published an edited version of my letter. Omitting my references to Lincoln, etc. Of course they also edited out my comments that properly and accurately described the views expressed by the NAACP president as "sad, narrow, prejudiced, bigoted, and uneducated." But again, we are not allowed to speak truth to and about "protected minorities" and "progressives." 

You should be able to see it here:

Free Florida First advocates for a Free, Independent, Godly, Prosperous, and Traditionally Southern Florida.

Deo Vindice!





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Friday, August 10, 2018

Another “Fan Letter” from Another New York yankee

This week I participated in the following exchange of messages on our Free Florida First Facebook page:

The author of the message evidently felt compelled to inform me that we are “religious zealots and gun fanatics.” I took that as compliment and responded with a thank you.

Even though we are no fans of the GOP (the party of Lincoln), nor of the present occupant of the White House (a liberal New York yankee), I’m sure that we would be included in Mr. Obama’s “bitter clingers” and Mrs. Clinton’s “deplorables” – probably at the very top of the list.

Are we religious zealots? I’m sure that we are in the eyes of much of the world. My early Baptist forefathers (from the first century forward) were certainly considered religious zealots and they were often persecuted unto death. I consider it an honor to be classified with them in any sense whatsoever.

As to being “gun fanatics” – it is certain that virtually all of America’s founders were gun fanatics. When a distant ruling government attempted to confiscate their firearms they responded with legitimate force, and they ultimately fought a war – with guns – to gain their independence from that tyrannical government.

Our admirer went on to express the opinion that “the world will be a better place” after we have destroyed ourselves. I would hope that he is not holding his breath.

As is most often the case with such heroic internet social justice warriors, he shares very little on his Facebook profile with anyone but his “friends.”

There were, however, several pictures visible on his page that give a hint as to the background of this commentator.

I’m going to guess that the photo above is of our “hero”. He has evidently been involved in “Marching Moms” (against guns), and the buttons on his shirt are for the NYAGV (New Yorkers Against Gun Violence), so I’m guessing he is from New York. What a surprize! I’ll say that he doesn’t really look like a mom  -- but who knows today?

Another picture he posted indicates that he is a supporter of the shrill and silly progressive feminist pink hat movement. Those hats are intended to represent a part of a woman’s anatomy that ought to remain private and which will not be named here. What a rare gem we have found here! Well, I guess that “he” actually found us.

Several other pictures give the impression that he honors veterans and the police, and I suppose that he is OK with them having guns -- so when the time comes they can “violently” use them to disarm peaceful citizens -- whose only “crime” would be to own a manufactured piece of metal and wood and/or plastic (a firearm).

I suppose it is not a big surprize that we both believe that Amerika is in trouble and that Donald Trump is a clown, though we would arrive at those conclusions for very different reasons. 

It is also apparent that our opinions of Hitlery Clinton are diametrically at odds.

In the light of what we have found out about our new friend, I’ll share just a few comments:

1. I could really care less what a liberal New York yankee might think of us. I am only honored by his low opinion. I must admit that I have to check myself, so as to not be overly proud of the enemies that I have.

2. Furthermore, I really care nothing at all about him or New York. They are welcome to live their lives as they see fit and I have no wish to intervene -- so long as they leave me and my fellow liberty loving Southerners alone.

3. While he claims to be against gun violence, he evidently would be happy for violence to be perpetuated against gun owners to enforce his views upon them. As opposed to our New York friend, I’m actually opposed to ALL GUN VIOLENCE, except in case of self-defense, and that would include gun violence perpetrated by the agents of the state. Fact is, the best way to LIMIT gun violence is to arm peaceful people, who just want to be left alone, and who do not wish to commit violence against anyone -- Peaceful people who will react with EXTREME VIOLENCE against anyone who attempts to commit violence against them, their families, or other peaceful people, and who are seeking the harm of no one else.

4. This “better place” that he imagines will come about after Christians and gun fanatics are gone never has been and never will be. Man is a fallen and totally depraved creature. There will always be those that attempt to violently impose their will upon others and they can only be stopped with violence. Realistically viewed our correspondent is such a violent person, though he wishes to have others do his violent work for him.

So, I wonder, why does this New York yankee care about this redneck down in Florida, or what he believes, or what he does? Why does he care about the people of the South or how they choose to live? Why can’t he just leave us alone to live as we see fit? Oh, now I remember, he is a yankee! And they cannot leave anyone alone. They believe that everyone must speak, think, act and live just as they do.

Free Florida First advocates for a Free, Independent, Godly, Prosperous, and Traditionally Southern Florida.

Deo Vindice!





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Friday, August 3, 2018

Honoring Our Confederate Ancestors

I am thankful to be the descendant of multiple Confederate Soldiers. I have been a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) since the late 1980s.

While I am currently not a member of a local camp, I have maintained my membership in Headquarters Camp throughout the years.

When I was a member of a local camp, my advocacy for secession was not well received. That’s rather interesting when you think upon it, for the SCV claims to be honoring our ancestors, who not only advocated for secession, but who also valiantly fought against a tyrannical government in striving to secure it.

There is a very real cognitive dissonance within the SCV. The vast majority of local camps continue to recite the “Pledge of Allegiance” to the US flag as part of their meetings. The Pledge was written by a South hating, Socialist, yankee. There is much within it that is objectionable, but to recite “one nation . . . indivisible” is like taking a sharp stick and poking it in the eye of our Confederate ancestors. Our ancestors, after all, fought to break themselves away from that supposedly “indivisible nation.” Were they wrong? [See more on the pledge here:] 

South Carolina Highway Patrol removing our flag from front of the State Capitol

Recently, I received an email from the Commander-in-Chief of the SCV proclaiming a “National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day” and amongst other things stating that: “law enforcement officers are the domestic protectors of our citizens, our society and our way of life.” REALLY??

Police protecting those dismantling Confederate monuments in New Orleans

Who is it exactly who tears down our monuments and flags, carrying out the orders of corrupt and illegitimate politicians? (Or who provide protection and cover for those who do). Who is it that fails to protect our monuments from vandals and fails to press charges against those who are apprehended in the act? Who is it that is the agent and strong-arm for tyrannical government, both national and local that seeks to obliterate the memory of our ancestors and the continuance of our traditions? In virtually every case it is local or state “law enforcement.”

Dallas Police providing “security” for the removal of General Lee’s statue in Dallas: Does this look like someone who is “protecting our way of life”?

The SCV may still have its place. It may help to awaken some folks to their heritage -- But it is a very long way from leading to any corrective action against the illegitimate yankee State that occupies our Southern homeland. It is presently far too cozy with our oppressors, and this recent desire to honor “law enforcement” demonstrates this. [Even the term “law enforcement” should stick in the craw of any liberty loving Southerner, but we will have to address that another day.]

I pray that the SCV awakens to what it really means to honor our ancestors and begins to take the leadership in restoring the Sovereign Southern States. Honoring our oppressors, by pledging to their flag and to an “indivisible union” and calling for a day of appreciation for those who most directly destroy our flags and monuments, shows that the SCV has a very long way to go.

For now at least, I will maintain my membership in the SCV and encourage others to join. However, they should do so with their eyes wide open. And they should not participate in anything that honors our occupiers and oppressors and they should speak out against it.


Once again the Commander-in-Chief of the SCV has proclaimed a “National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day”. He would have the proud descendants of Confederate Veterans continue to offer obeisance to the standing blue army of the Amerikan empire.

This year’s proclamation was accompanied by the obscene graphic displayed below:

As I commented on the Facebook post announcing the proclamation: “That flag is disgusting! It dishonors our ancestors”

The SCV deserves better leadership. It deserves unreconstructed leadership. It deserves CONFEDERATE leadership.

I was gratified to see that a least a few of my compatriots agreed with my assessment, as could be noted by the following comments that also appeared on that page:

 - “Pattern of rebellion with color scheme of authority. That’s ironic to the point of no return”.

- “They can go make their own flag for their law enforcement cult. This ain't right.”


Free Florida First advocates for a Free, Independent, Godly, Prosperous, and Traditionally Southern Florida.

Deo Vindice!





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