Friday, August 12, 2016

Faithfulness Still Matters

The motto of the Marine Corps is Semper Fidelis. “Always Faithful.” Should that motto also apply to a Marine’s family life?

It’s been over 45 years now, since I graduated from The Basic School in the early 1970s as a young Marine Corps lieutenant. The one thing that remains clear in my mind, from the all words that were spoken at that graduation, is the admonition from our Commanding Officer, Colonel George W. Smith. (I would later serve under Smith as his Officer-in-Charge of the Leadership Schools after he had been promoted to Major General and was serving as the division commander of Third Marine Division in Okinawa.)

Colonel Smith pointedly told us young officers that he would never trust a man to honor his oath to the Corps and the Constitution, who did not honor his marriage vows to his own wife. If such a man would cheat on his wife, why should it not be assumed that he would cheat on his country?

Yes, those words stuck with me and I have had many occasions to apply them throughout my life.

Of course, they do not only apply to Marine Corps officers; they are equally applicable to politicians, government officials, businessmen, preachers and common laborers. They are applicable to anyone with whom you deal.

Some folks today would have us believe that what someone does in their private life has nothing to do with their trustworthiness or ability to serve in some public capacity. Such a belief makes no sense whatsoever.

What someone does in their private life demonstrates to us who they really are . . . and we would be wise to heed that lesson that they teach us.

So, do you still want to ask me why I will not be voting in the upcoming presidential elections? Really?

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  1. Does faithfulness to our God or Saviour more important than these men who were mere men ? Wasn't Lee and Jackson worshippers of Xmas and heathen Easter ? Were they not sprinkled by a false church ? According to your Land Mark Baptist Church blog you call these kind of people HERETICS. I'm not saying that they are not saved. Wasn't Manasseh a lost sinner for over 50 years,but the Lotd heard his cry from prison and brought him back to Jerusalem? I'm sure there were few people there when he came back rejected him. Probably said that he had to many wife's, killed babies, destroyed theTemple etc. God saved the man. The Donald said that he just recently was saved. God is sovereign, who knows many are called but few are chosen. Did not God raised two kings Jeroboam and Rehoboam and they were battling it out. Now neither one was any good but this was of God as told to Ahijah.

  2. Comparing Lee and Jackson to Donald Trump is like comparing apples to oranges. No, actually it's more like comparing apples to poison apples. Yes there are true saints in "religious societies" . . . for whatever reason the Lord has not been pleased to open their eyes about these things . . . The Lord saved Trump, I'd like to hear that from his own mouth . . . the stories surrounding that have been debunked. I address the issue of the Lord using ungodly men in this blog entry:

    Knowing that God uses such men does not justify me in joining with them. If you cannot distinguish the difference between men like Lee and Jackson -- and Trump -- I don't know what else I could say.