Friday, February 10, 2017

The New Emperor Has No Clothes

Well, I guess it’s been a pretty good week. I suppose that I must be doing something right. I found out that the Trumpsters, even those who like to call themselves Confederates or Secessionist, don’t like anyone pointing out that their emperor has no clothes.
On a group called the “New Facebook Confederacy”, someone posted the following silly, emperor-worshipping graphic.
When I pointed out that it only glorified the yankee government and its emperor, I was admonished as follows:
THE WHOLE NATION NORTH, SOUTH, AND YES I SAY SOUTH EAST AND WEST IS ALL THE USA. DONT MESS WITH THE USA . . . WE STAND FOR OUR NATION THE USA USA USA. . . LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT . . . GREG IS DRUNK WITH CHEAP MOONSHINE HE IS TALKIN STUPID . . . if you dont like the usa then leave go to germany or europe, they have the same libtard beleifs (sic) as you.
Well, I’ve not had any moonshine, or any other beverage alcohol, for almost forty years. But I do know that once they start calling me names and using vulgarity and cursing, they have no other grounds to stand upon.
I responded as follows:
I'm afraid that some of y'all have no idea what it means to be a Confederate or a Secessionist. Troops flying that striped rag invaded our country, killed our men, violated our women, destroyed and stole our property -- they now unlawfully occupy us. You may bow down and lick their boots if you wish, but I do not understand how you can then turn around and call yourself a Confederate or a Secessionist. This group is called "The New Facebook Confederacy", is it not?
And believe me, it only got worse.
Then in a group called “Secessionist Party (USA)”, I posted my blog from last week: "Trump’s Wall Will Be a Boondoggle . . . Just Like ALL Big Government Programs"
And for pointing out that this new amerikan emperor is naked as a jaybird, I was, amongst other things, called a libtard, a libturd, a snowflake, an anarchist, a Hillary supporter, a socialist, worse than a carpetbagger, and several other things not repeatable in polite company.
And then the inevitable: “You can always move to Mexico . . .LEAVE! . . . I'll contribute for a one way plane ticket for you to North Korea!
While I am confounded that someone who is a member of the “New Facebook Confederacy” or the “Secession Party” (USA) could write such nonsense about the amerikan empire, I am not troubled by it at all. Perhaps someone will begin to think; if not those insulting me, then maybe someone just reading the comments. People, particularly Southerners, do need to start thinking,.
Florida is my country and I’m not going anywhere. I’m doing what I can to get the DC Empire out of my country and to educate others.
Some of my people were in Florida before the Revolution. I ain’t leaving . . . I’ll stand my ground and fight.
remains on the only viable solution.

Free Florida First: “For a Free, Independent, Godly, Prosperous, and Traditionally Southern Florida”

Deo Vindice!





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  1. I'm not a Confederate or Secessionist. I'm a Texas born, Pacific Northwesterner living in New England, with my parents being immigrants from South Korea. In each region that I lived, I studied the local history. Heck, I study history, period. America is my home. What happened in the past that I had no say in, I had no say in. Basically, anything before 1978, and probably at least 12 years after (I mean, how much can you lay the blame on a 12-year old?). At any rate, I also do not understand the animosity of opposition. You, sir, are fighting the good fight. Cowards speak with words of hate. They want you to leave the country, because they know someone like you would fight back. What we need are more people like you. Your friend and fellow countryman, Ebon.