Friday, May 22, 2020

Standing Against SOME Tyranny Is Simply NOT Enough!

I find it encouraging that SOME sheriffs from around the country are speaking out and declaring that they will not enforce un-Constitutional edicts that have been issued related to the Wuhan virus panic. They range from states as far flung as  California, Michigan, Alabama, Arizona, North Carolina, Washington, Idaho, Wisconsin, Missouri, Illinois, and I’m sure that there are many more. Unfortunately, most law enforcement from coast to coast is still more than happy to act as the strong arm for tyrannical government. After all, that’s what law enforcement does every day.

I can’t laud these sheriffs who are refusing to enforce these latest pronouncements, as I suspect that in EVERY case they are very selective concerning which unconstitutional, immoral, and illegal laws they will or will not enforce.

I would like to know how many of these sheriffs will also forbear enforcing all the other unconstitutional, immoral, and illegal laws:

1. Gun Laws – Every gun law is a violation of our God-given rights to self-protection. Do these sheriffs arrest folks for unlicensed carry of firearms, either openly or concealed? Do they arrest folks for possession of fully automatic firearms? Do they arrest folks for possession of a bump stock (essentially a piece of plastic, which was banned by the Trump administration)?

2. Drug Laws – Do these sheriffs arrest otherwise law-abiding people for growing or possessing a plant? Do they arrest folks for decisions they make concerning what they introduce into their own bodies? Granted, drugs are stupid. But are we going to make everything that is stupid illegal? Better build more and bigger prisons!

3. Sobriety Checks – Do these sheriffs violate individual rights to privacy and property, and the right not to be subjected to unlawful searches by conducting sobriety checks where every passing motorist is stopped and required to prove that they are not intoxicated?

4. No-Knock Raids – Do these sheriffs conduct no-knock raids into private residences utilizing their often lethal SWAT teams, just because they suspect something? And how often have these unjustifiable raids been conducted on the wrong residences, by “accident”?

Those are just a few examples, and I could continue on, but I think I’ve made my point. I’m glad to hear some of these sheriffs speak out, but I won’t pat them on the back and I would not vote for any of them.

Law enforcement at every level is still not your friend. You best keep that in mind.

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Deo Vindice!





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