Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Encouraging Day at the Watermelon Festival

Some of you may have already seen the pictures I posted earlier this week. In today’s blog I will relate just a few more thoughts about our day at the Newberry Watermelon Festival on Saturday, June 20, 2020.

In light of Newberry’s proximity to the socialist enclave of Gainesville (home of the Marxist University of Florida), we thought there was a real possibility of being confronted by some of the communist agitators from BLM or Antifa, etc. Thankfully the day passed with nary a negative comment from anyone at the festival, at least not in our hearing.

Many folks expressed their sincere thankfulness for our presence at the event. Several folks took pictures of our booth for the purpose of sharing them with friends across the country.

We sold a record number of flags. In fact, we sold out of several different items. Our total sales were $492.00. I’ve already ordered over $700 of replacement flags to make sure we can meet the demands at future events. There seems to be an increasing interest. Our biggest sellers were Confederate Battle Flags, “I Ain’t Coming Down” Battle Flags, “Don’t Tread on Me” Gadsden Flags, and AR-15 “Come and Take It” Gonzales Flags.

We also had more people sign up for our flag raffle than we ever have had at this particular event (90) and we’ve been participating here since 2012.

We will be sending flags to the winners of the raffle and a single informational email and postal letter to each person who entered. Hopefully some will request to be added permanently to our mailing list and some may even join with us in our struggle for a “Free, Independent, Godly, Prosperous, and Traditionally Southern Florida.” That is why we hold the raffles.

We had five of our members present to help man the booth. Unfortunately we didn’t get pictures of everyone (such is the life of a photographer).

We also had a special guest with us through much of the day, Nansea Markham, whom the Lord used mightily in preserving “Old Joe.” “Old Joe” is the Confederate Statue that was at the courthouse in Gainesville for well over one hundred years. The city was in the process of removing “Old Joe” when Nansea presented the original deed showing that the statue was owned by the United Daughters of the Confederacy. Through a series of near miracles and some very hard work “Old Joe” was eventually moved to a new and secure home.

You can read a summary of that inspiring story here:

Also there is an album of photos I created from the rededication of “Old Joe” back in January of 2018. (If you don’t have a Facebook account, just click the “Not Now” link at the bottom of the pop-up window and you should be able to view the album):

Overall it was a blessed day, and we were greatly encouraged. I believe that God was honored and that we were an encouragement to others as well.

It is more important now than it has ever been that we take a stand and show the banners of our fathers and that we take up their Cause as our own. So long as the Lord allows, that’s exactly what we intend to do.

I was further encouraged after I sent a “Thank You” note to the event organizers. They responded very positively, saying: “Thank you for supporting us throughout the years!  See ya next year!”

Next up will be the Williston Peanut Festival in October, Lord willing. But in today’s political climate who knows what might transpire in the interim. After all, we’ve been refused booth space in other events, stretching back to 2011.

Here’s a little background to our rejection at the Archer Yulee Railroad Days:

(FYI: At that time we were still affiliated with the League of the South, an affiliation we later severed FOR CAUSE. We have been an independent organization since 2013.)

By the Grace of God -- Let Us PRESS ON!

Free Florida First advocates for a Free, Independent, Godly, Prosperous, and Traditionally Southern Florida.

Deo Vindice!





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