Thursday, September 1, 2022

Taxation to fund public education is armed robbery (just like all other taxation)!

No authority for government involvement in education can be found in either the U.S. Constitution or in the Holy Scriptures. Government simply has no legitimate function in education. NONE!!!

The original Constitution of Florida (1838) made no mention of education and Florida entered the union in 1845 under that Constitution. The first mention of “public” education is in Florida’s1868 Constitution. That Constitution was adopted under the duress of yankee occupation, after our wicked occupiers rejected a proposed 1865 Constitution.

All taxation is armed robbery, but taxation for the purpose of “public education” is particularly egregious.

Florida’s current Governor, Ron DeSantis has been lauded by some for making the following statement concerning Old White Joe’s college loan “forgiveness” scheme:

“It’s very unfair to have a truck driver have to pay back a loan from somebody who got a PhD in gender studies.”

All well and good, but Ron is a huge advocate and supporter of “public education.”

Perhaps Ron can explain to me how it is “fair” for me, a 72 year-old retiree, to pay for the K-12 education of my neighbor’s children. Just for the record, my wife and I educated our own children at home and at our own expense.

How is it “fair” for me to have a gun held to my head and to be forced to fund “public education”?  Yes, there is a gun held to my head, and they are committed to killing me, if I don’t fork over their extortion money. That’s how armed robbery works:

1. They tax my property to pay for their government schools. [They claim authority based upon something called the “social contract”, which I don’t recall having ever signed.]

2. Second, if I refuse to pay their immoral and illegitimate taxes, they will attempt confiscate my home.

3. Next, if I refuse to vacate my own property, they will attempt to have me arrested.

4. And finally, if I resist that unlawful arrest, they will simply kill me!

Before I close, I want to add this. I mentioned Florida’s current governor. Some folks have great hopes for him. I don’t dispute that he may be better than most politicians. BUT that ain’t sayin’ much! He’s still a slimy politician!!!

We will never be able to vote ourselves out of this mess. The liberal New York yankee, Donald J. Trump is no solution.

The “conservative” Ron DeSantis is no solution. The only answer is separation from the evil amerikan empire!

Start today by seceding in your own heart and mind!

You can begin by tearing down that striped yankee banner and by ceasing to participate in their meaningless elections.

Elections are an attempt to manufacture your consent to their evil system! (I’ll probably have more to say about  this in the future.)

BOTTOM LINE: There ain’t no fixin’ things ‘til we get our own heads and hearts right!!

Free Florida First advocates for a Free, Independent, Godly, Prosperous, and Traditionally Southern Florida.

Deo Vindice!





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