Thursday, January 19, 2023

Anecdotals - the Movie

My wife highly recommended a movie to me that she first learned about from Dr. Joseph Mercola’s daily newsletter.

I was touched by this very well-done movie and I’m convinced that it has to be the worst nightmare of the jab-pushers. It was produced by an accomplished and award winning director, editor, and writer by the name of Jennifer Sharp. Ms. Sharp is young, attractive, articulate, Black, and VACCINE INJURED.

Jennifer Sharp

The left-leaning videographer is determined to give a voice to the vaccine injured. And while the dead cannot tell their stories their surviving family members can. I don’t have a great deal in common with Ms. Sharp, but I think we are all indebted to her for her efforts to expose the truth about the covid vaccines..

Be very careful who you listen to. Be very careful who you believe. Your life and the quality of your life may well depend upon it.

In my view, it’s time for an accounting.

I've embedded the video below:

You can also access it from this link:

Stay free, my Confederate and Christian friends!

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