Friday, February 27, 2015

It Can't Be Fixed!

The last couple of days have once again shown that we cannot fix the present political/governmental system.

Unelected bureaucrats at the FCC have pushed through “Net Neutrality” in spite of supposed GOP opposition. Bureaucrats are once again making laws that we all will be forced to comply with.

I’ve been looking in the US Constitution for the Article or Amendment that authorizes such a thing, but have still not been able to find it.

Unelected bureaucrats at the BATF are in the process of banning some of the most popular and readily available ammunition for America’s most popular rifle platform, the AR-15. I’m still looking for where this is authorized in the US Constitution. And where in this wonderful Constitution does it stipulate that our firearms and ammunition are to be restricted to “sporting purposes”? My firearms may be used for “sporting purposes,” but their primary function is defense against tyranny. 

Then there are Obama’s executive orders covering everything from special privileges for sodomites to amnesty for illegal aliens. And you thought that Congress was supposed to make the laws! 

The US Constitution has not and will not protect us. It has not and will not restore liberty to this land. 

Neither will the Democrats, nor the Republicans protect us and restore liberty to this land.

I mean really, those folks who continue to look to the party of the tyrant Lincoln for relief must constantly ignore the reality that surrounds them. The Republicans control both the Senate and the House of Representatives, but they have not prevailed in any meaningful conflict with Obama (assuming that they really want to prevail). I can only say that if the GOP is the answer, then it must have been a very stupid question. Near as I can figure the Republicans must either be incompetent or cowards or traitors (perhaps all three, at least in some cases).

Look at the record. It does not matter whether the Republicans or Democrats are in control the WARFARE / WELFARE STATE continues to grow as a malignant cancer. 

The ONLY solution is to separate ourselves from the tyranny that is the Federal (Feral) Government. Begin in your own heart and mind and then do what you can to spread the message to others -- family, church, community, etc.


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