Friday, February 6, 2015

Just Say “NO!” to Leviathan

There is a great need for more leaders at the state and local levels who are willing to stand up to the Federal Leviathan and just say, “NO!”

One such proven leader is Chief Justice of the Alabama State Supreme Court, Judge Roy Moore.

He was previously removed from office several years ago for refusing to have a Ten Commandments monument taken out of the Alabama Supreme Court building. To the credit of the people of Alabama they simply reelected him to that same position again.

Now he is standing against the decision of a Federal judge mandating that Alabama issue marriage licenses to sodomite couples. He has instructed Alabama’s judges to ignore that unconstitutional ruling.

At the moment the Governor of Alabama is voicing support for the judge, but it remains to be seen how firm that support will be.

We must learn from this example. Stand up to the Federal Leviathan; say “NO!” at every opportunity. Exert pressure on your local and state officials to say “NO!”, whenever an appropriate opportunity presents itself.

If enough of us will rise up and say “NO!” the empire will lose its power over us and crumble under its own corruption.

Just Say “NO!” to Leviathan






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