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Adventures in Tampa: The Battle Flag, a Black Confederate, an Old Friend, Family and the Los Angeles Times.

UPDATE & EULOGY (February 2021)

Marion Lambert was a warrior and a living legend in the Confederate Heritage community. I’m proud to have been able to count him as a friend. He was the driving force behind the erection of the massive Confederate flag near the intersection of I-4 and I-75 in Tampa. He completed his earthly trek on Wednesday, February 17, after a “run in” with a bull on his dairy farm.

Marion will be greatly missed. I know that he cannot be replaced. We must all redouble our efforts! 

If you are interested, this link from the Tampa Bay Times gives some details of his life and work:

Even though I made a contribution to become a sponsor of the Confederate Memorial Park in Tampa (Brandon), Florida and to have my Confederate ancestor’s name listed on the memorial wall, I had not actually visited the site of the huge Confederate flag at the intersection of I-4 and I-75 until this past Thursday (6/25/2015). The site was officially dedicated on Confederate Memorial Day in 2009.

In the back of my mind I was thinking it would be providential to see my old acquaintance, Marion Lambert, the driving force behind the flag and park, whom I had not seen in many years.

Diane and I arrived at the small, though impressive park and were in the process of taking photos, when another car arrived. Out of that car emerged a Black gentleman I had never met before, but whose image I had seen on the Tampa Sons of Confederate Veterans web site.

Al McCray introduced himself as he exited his vehicle and I told him that I knew who he was.

Greg and Al McCray

He then informed me that Marion Lambert was on his way to the park along with a reporter, who turned out to be Molly Hennessy-Fiske, Houston bureau chief for the Los Angeles Times.

The three amigos under a shade tree at the back of the park

(Marion Lambert, Greg, and Al McCray)

Greg and Molly Hennessy-Fiske

My cousin, Dan Moore, his daughter and her children, all who live in the Tampa area,  also met us at the park.

Greg, Dan and Dan’s grandchildren pointing to our ancestor’s name 

(Sgt. John C. Strickland, Florida Light Artillery)

Greg and Diane, pointing to our names on one of the monuments.

Molly interviewed virtually everyone about their feeling towards the Confederate flag and their impression of the recent attacks upon it.

I told Molly that I had spoken with the press on occasions in the past and had always been sorry for doing so. She feigned injury. I suppose we will find out soon enough how unbiased and fair she truly is. [see link to article below]

Al McCray agreed to come up and speak to our Free Florida First group at some time in the future.

Overall it was a most interesting and enjoyable day.


Link to Los Angeles Times article and video:

Personally, I think the article is generally fair and accurate.

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Deo Vindice!





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  1. To put a negro in this picture is an insult to the men & women who died at the hands of the vagabonds who carried that flag and how it represents destruction!
    I will buy a Confederate flag and tell my grandchildren the stories of lynchings, rapes,and disenfranchisement of the negroes in America!

  2. I'm not suprised!
    Typical backwoods response!

  3. Hey friend, I suppose because it took me a little over two hours to approve your comments you decided to accuse me of being “backwoods”. I really have to wonder who is really the biased one here. Sunday’s are a particularly busy day for me and I was still in the pulpit about the time you posted.

    Regardless your comments exhibit extreme ignorance and arrogance. I won’t bother arguing with you, you could educate yourself if you really desired to, but you seem quite content in your imaginary world.
    As far as your comment about putting a “negro” in the pictures -- he was willingly there. It’s called individual liberty and thinking for yourself, but I can hardly expect that you would understand that. If you want your head to explode you might do a Google search for my friends H. K. Edgerton and Nelson Winbush.