Friday, June 5, 2015

Thoughts on Our Project Appleseed Experience

This past Saturday and Sunday several of those affiliated with Free Florida First participated in a Project Appleseed shoot at the Gainesville Target Range. I hope to have more pictures to share next week, but I want to make a few remarks while the experience is fresh in my mind.
As a background, I qualified as a Rifle Expert on the US Marine Corps’ standard KD (Known Distance) Course on several difference occasions in the 1970s.
Below is a picture of my old Expert’s Badge.
Project Appleseed is based on the Army’s equivalent course, but scaled down to 25 meters. The same essential skill set is required to successful in both of the courses.
At our shoot we had a number of folks with little or no experience and others with extensive experience and/or previous Appleseeds.
Two of our group were awarded “Rifleman’s Patches,” the equivalent of shooting Expert on the military courses. 

The rest of us, including this former Marine, did not earn our patches, but we all shot well enough to have qualified as Marksmen or Sharpshooters on the military courses. There were only four Rifleman’s patches awarded  over the two days (I think there were about 30 participants). Winning that patch is no easy matter . . . believe me! Congratulations to Dennis and Denny, who are now the “Designated Marksmen” for Free Florida First!
Patch or no, we all learned (or had brought back to our memory) a great deal and we all significantly improved our skills with a rifle. I believe that we all look forward to attending another Appleseed. I feel certain that all those who did not receive a patch this time are well on their way to making the score next time.
Generally the folks who run the Appleseeds would be somewhat like-minded with us, though I’m sure they would count us as somewhat “radical.” They seem to think that US can be salvaged, or perhaps they just keep telling themselves that and trying to believe it.
On the first day several of us wore our Free Florida First T-shirts and we received questions about them and had the opportunity for discussion and distribution of some literature.

Overall it was a great experience, and I would recommend it to everyone.
You just never know when those long-range rifleman’s skills may be called upon.

LESSONMommas don't let your babies grow up to be Imperial Storm Troopers . . . the can learn the Rifleman's Skills elsewhere. 

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