Friday, November 18, 2016

Draining the Swamp and Turning It into a Septic Tank

Well, we’re about a week and a half post-election. All the Trump supporters got what they thought they wanted. It remains to be seen if they will really want what they get from a Trump administration.

I remain doubtful that there will be any real change or that there will be any meaningful difference between a Trump administration and what would have been under Hillary Clinton. I have to admit though, that I’m enjoying all the angst from the liberal media and infantile college students.

I found a quote this week that pretty well summarizes my view of this election -- and really of all of them. It even inspired me to construct the following meme:

Voting is like buying a lottery ticket, only dumber.

In any case, I can think of no reason to participate in selecting the next ruler of the yankee empire. As I often remark: Ain’t my flag; Ain’t my country. And I come to hold that position more firmly every day. 

Choosing the next emperor does nothing towards achieving the ultimate goal of small, limited, accountable, LOCAL governments.

Donald Trump is a northeastern, liberal money-grubbing yankee. We can expect his reign to reflect who he is. One of my favorite commentators, Fred Reed, recently wrote: “This column will follow the evolution of Donald Trump into Hillary Clinton.” Fred proceeded to list a number of items that already indicate the beginnings of this transformation. (

I have noted multiple such examples of this myself. I will mention but a couple and provide some headlines and links.

First, an article entitled: Lindsey Graham Backs Possible Trump Nominees, Slams Rand Paul Filibuster Threat”

Anyone backed by that consummate neocon, scalawag from South Carolina should be highly suspect. Amongst those he thinks would be good appointments are the likes of former New York City Mayor Rudy (“Why do you need the 4th Amendment, if you’re not doing something wrong?”) Giuliani and Nikki Haley, a second-generation carpetbagger and professed “Christian” who still worships in the temples of the pagan Sikh religion, in which she was raised.

Nikki Haley has proved herself to be the enemy of all true Southerners, of their heritage, and of their faith. She joyfully orchestrated the removal of the Confederate Flag from the grounds of the South Carolina statehouse.

What I really find odd is that some of my friends in the Southern Independence movement think that Haley has no place in a Trump administration. Let me remind you again that Trump is a northeastern, liberal money-grubbing yankee. Why wouldn’t this traitorous Republican governor of South Carolina fit right in? I suppose the bigger question might be: Why would a Southern Patriot support Donald Trump to begin with? And why would they think that he would support and promote their values?

Secondly, I recommend an article entitled:  “Ron Paul: Skeptical on Whether Trump Can 'Drain the Swamp'”

Ron Paul is one of the very, very few true statesmen that I have seen in my 66+ years. He matches the optimism of the wormy compromiser from South Carolina with a very healthy skepticism based upon the character and reputation of those who are being vetted by Donald Trump for positions in his administration. Of these potential appointments and nominees, Dr. Paul notes that they are "not exactly the kind of individuals who will change things."

An old folk/rock song from my youth contained these lyrics:

   “They paved paradise to put up a parking lot”

Along those same lines it would appear that Donald Trump intends to:

   “Drain the Swamp and Turn It into a Septic Tank”

I would love to be proven wrong and have to eat crow, but there seems to be very little prospect of that happening.

I’ve wearied myself by speaking of the blasted yankee government. I shall return now to the far more important struggle for Florida’s Independence.

Free Florida First advocates for a Free, Independent, Godly, Prosperous, and Traditionally Southern Florida.

Deo Vindice!





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