Friday, February 3, 2017

Trump’s Wall Will Be a Boondoggle . . . Just Like ALL Big Government Programs

For most politically active Americans, big government is not really a problem. It’s just the matter of who happens to be in charge of that big government at any given time.

Those who supported Trump and opposed the big government projects of Obama are now cheering the big government programs of Donald Trump. Amongst other things, Trump has promised to build a gigantic and incredibly expensive wall; increase an already bloated military; and become further involved in internal affairs of foreign nations, etc.

Big government creates horrendous problems and then offers solutions that always involve MORE BIG GOVERNMENT.

Thus it is with the problem of immigration. The Federal government created it and now Donald’s big government machine promises to solve it. But it never happens.

How do I know that the border wall will be a boondoggle, you ask? The answer is easy – it will be a boondoggle because it will be built by the Federal government.

There are more viable solutions, but those in government will never willingly accept these solutions. They will not accept those solutions, because they do not require BIGGER government; but rather SMALLER government and that does not fit into their plan of ever increasing the power, scope, and wealth of the central government.
So, what are the solutions?

1. Stop all welfare, food stamps, government education and any other “entitlements” to illegal aliens.

Without these “benefits”, the illegals will begin to self-deport. They were drawn here by the promise of “free stuff” – shut it down and most of them will leave.

While I’m on this, let me state that welfare, food stamps, government education and any other “entitlements” should be stopped entirely and for EVERYONE. None of these things are the proper function of government; none of them are constitutional; and all of them on create a helpless and dependent population.

2. Stop creating “refugees” by invading and bombing foreign countries where we have no business being in the first place.

We create refugees by destabilizing countries around the globe with our “nation building”; involving ourselves in their internal politics; and by seeking to impose the “American solution” on peoples that are not our concern and who are incapable of implementing such a solution.

Beyond this, Amerikan jingoism creates enemies at the far corner of the earth as well. We should not be so stupid as to think that all these terrorists hate us for our freedom. They hate us because we invaded their countries; destroyed their homes; killed their fathers, and brothers, and sons; they hate us because we violated their mothers, and sisters, and daughters.

Get out of their countries and they will not be pouring across the borders of our country as “refugees” and jihadists.

Bring the troops home. Bring them ALL home.

3. End the so-called “War on Drugs”.

In reality, it has only been a war against the rights, liberties and privacy of ALL Americans.

Personally, I am opposed to the recreational use of drugs, but government has no business telling citizens what they may grow; or what they may inject; or what they may smoke; or what have you. It is ridiculous to put people in jail for possessing a plant for crying out loud.

Ending the “War on Drugs” will shut down the lucrative cross border drug traffic by organized crime and violent gangs.

Final Thoughts

You will notice that none of the proposals will require any increased governmental actions. No, they only require that the government stops doing the stupid things it is now doing. It involves not more government spending, but would actually astronomically reduce it. This would only be a win . . . win . . . win situation.

It would actually work a great deal better than anything else that is being advanced . . . and for that reason we can expect to never see it implemented.

Bottom line: We don’t need more government – we need less.

remains on the only viable solution.

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  1. Hello Greg. My name is Ebon Kim. I've been reading your blog, and would be interested in having a conversation with you some day, if you would be so inclined. I am looking for allies. A common ground is what's needed to make America what it was first intended to be. If someone such as yourself, with your beliefs and thoughts, is able to stand with mine, then it is possible to make real change. As an agnostic, I tend to think beliefs are not a choice, but the conviction of having a choice, is what was fundamental in establishing the Articles of Confederation. In having a strong central government (which we no longer need), choice and governance is an illusion. Thanks.

  2. Ebon, you are welcome to contact me by email. I check them all, but this is probably the best to use:

    Give me some background on yourself.

    You can find out most of what you would want to know about me on my facebook page:

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