Friday, September 22, 2017

Preparation Lessons from Hurricane Irma

Those of you who are on our regular mailing list already know that the Lord spared us from major damage during Hurricane Irma. The storm had greatly degraded by the time it reached us.

We lost power, cell phone & internet, but otherwise we were largely unscathed.

However, preparing for what we thought might possibly be a major storm and then dealing with the aftermath, though relatively minor, presented us with many learning opportunities. Admittedly, my wife and I went through the very worst of Hurricane Andrew in South Florida, so this was not our first rodeo, but we still learned some new lessons and were prompted to remember some old ones. And Andrew was a longtime ago.

This past Monday, our folks discussed the various lessons learned from Hurricane Irma at our Free Florida First meeting. Below I share them in outline form.

Additionally, there is a printable PDF available here:

And you may also listen to an audio of the details of our discussion at the link below, if you are so inclined:

It is our prayer that these thoughts and experiences might be of some assistance to others in the future. We understand that they are far from exhaustive.

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Preparation Lessons from Hurricane Irma
(redundancy & backups for everything)
1.     Mental / Spiritual
- Trust a Sovereign God – come what may

2.     Water
- Simple Pump
- Generator
- Storage Jugs / Bottled Water
- Bath Tub / Swimming Pool

3.     Food
- Canned goods
- Freeze dried/dehydrated
- Normal from freezer or refrigerator or cooler or shelf
- Food for animals

4.     Cooking
- Propane - 2 burner stove for indoor cooking
- Grills
- Fuel, Wood
- Utensils/pots/pans. Creating bin with items needed

5.     Communications
- Landline and at least one plug in phone
- Cell Phone
- Internet

6.     Gasoline
- Keep cans on-hand with Sta-Bil or similar (Mechanic-in-a-Bottle)
- Fuel up cars

7.     Electricity
- Generators (trade off size; gas usage)
- Batteries (including rechargeable)
- Portable USB chargers (some are solar powered)

8.     Refrigeration
- Refrigerator, very inefficient (can only go 4 hours without power) (move to coolers)
- Freezer, more efficient (can go 48 hours without power)
- Ice Packs, Frozen Water bottles (rotate in coolers)
- Several good coolers

9.     Home Safety
- windows covered, sandbags
- safe area to stay
- Trees
- Secure outdoor items

God watch over y’all.

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Deo Vindice!





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