Friday, September 29, 2017

Were You Armed in Church this Sunday?

This past Sunday (9/24/17) a black man arrived at a predominately white church in Tennessee and killed one woman and wounded seven other people, including the pastor and his wife.

The story was not easy to find, appearing at the bottom of page 5 in my local paper. Had it been a white man in a black church -- well, you’ve seen the rest of that narrative played out.

To add insult to injury, the perpetrator was a Sudanese immigrant, who came to the US some years ago.

After fatally shooting the woman in the parking lot, the perp entered the church building and continued shooting. A church usher confronted the gunman and during the ensuing struggle the intruder was wounded with his own gun, allowing the usher to retrieve his own gun from his vehicle in the parking lot. The attacker was then held at gun point until police arrived.

This episode calls for at least a few comments (there could be many more):

1 – You are not “safe” in church and you need to be prepared to defend yourself -- EVERYWHERE.

2 – You should ALWAYS be armed – ALWAYS. I don’t know Tennessee law about carrying in church, but unless the church had their own armed security and a metal detector, the “sheep dogs” in the congregation should have been carrying. Even then, I think I would find another church if the church sought to disarm me, for any reason. My right to defend myself, and hence to be armed, is God-given and not granted by, nor legitimately restricted by, the state or anyone else. If the “law” would disarm me, then in the immortal words of Charles Dickens’ character,  Mr. Brumble: “the law is an ass.”

3 – Police CANNOT protect you. They show up after the fact, they take perps into custody and draw chalk lines. (Not to mention confiscating guns used for legitimate defense and oft times even arresting those who actually defended their persons and their property). THE POLICE ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS, but we will save elaboration on that topic for another time.

4 – Perhaps, just perhaps, we should evaluate the policy of taking in folks from foreign cultures with foreign values and foreign morals.

So, as I asked in the title of this article: Were you armed in church this Sunday?

This is how I preach in the pulpit every Sunday. I think it my duty to be openly armed as an example and encouragement to others -- AND as a discouragement and warning to some others as well.

This is the sign that appears at the back of our meeting house:

I know that many in the congregation are armed in addition to me. Some carry openly and some concealed.

FYI, Florida does “permit” carrying in church, but does prohibit open carry in public. However, our meeting house is in the bottom floor of my own residence, so I may openly carry in my own home and I may encourage others to do so as well.

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