Monday, March 12, 2018

Gun Control in the “Gunshine” State Courtesy of New York and Illinois

In the past, Florida has been referred to as the “Gunshine” State. Historically, our laws have recognized the God-given right to self-protection by whatever means necessary. (Though admittedly, I would be the first to acknowledge that they could have been much improved.)


Now it would seem that Florida is seeking to lead the nation in the imposition of liberty-denying, gun control legislation.


The horrible shooting that took place in Parkland was no doubt the catalyst for the recent tyrannical legislation. However, an honest evaluation of that occurrence would show that it was a failure of government, at virtually every level, that made such a massacre possible.


I suppose that I might be counted as insensitive for noticing, but it is readily apparent to me that those who are promoting Florida’s new found interest in gun control have something in common. Most of them are not from around here.



Take for instance, Andrew Pollack, a father whose daughter was fatally shot by Nikolas Cruz. I sincerely respect his grief and his anger and his desire to do “something.”  Though I suppose it would be much better to do something that could actually make a difference in the future. In any case, Mr. Pollack has become the face of the new gun control agenda in Florida. Below he is pictured next to Governor Scott, as he signs the gun control legislation recently rushed through the Florida legislature. (I will not call it “School Safety Legislation” – employing “newspeak” and calling it something other than what it truly is does not make it anything other than gun control and abridgment of God-given rights.)



I suppose that most of you have seen and heard at least one of the many interviews with Mr. Pollack. One thing becomes quickly apparent. He ain’t from around here. He does not speak quite like a native Floridian.



As best I have been able to determine, he came to our fair state in 1999, and he has evidently made little effort to acclimate. He obviously has not embraced our culture, or our history, or our way of life.


In fact in Newsday (a Long Island, New York newspaper) published an article in which he is identified as a “Long Island native,” who takes comfort in his “Long Island roots.” He was quoted as saying that he has “Long Island running through my veins.” Additionally, he reminds the paper that there is “No one stronger than a New Yorker.”


According to Newsday, “Pollack wants Florida to lead by being proactive about school safety, but he said he wants to see reform in New York next.” If that’s what he wants, perhaps he could just go back to Long Island and begin with his own people. Though I’m not sure what reforms he envisions for New York, as they already have some of the most draconian gun control laws in the country.


I recognize that we all have our problems. Southerners have their very own special brand of crazy, but we really don’t need yankee solutions to our problems. Indeed, on close examination, we find that many of these problems have been brought down to us by those same yankees who offer to impose their solutions.



Note just a couple more inconvenient facts:


1. The evil shooter in Parkland mass murders was adopted as a young man by a couple who came to Florida in 1996 from -- you guessed it -- New York.


2. Our governor, Rick Scott, who signed the recent gun control legislation is a carpetbagging native of Illinois, one of the most anti-liberty states in the country. This is not the first time that it has been made painfully obvious that he retains many of his Illinois values, attitudes, and methods.


3. Also consider this, even the Sheriff of the cowardly Broward County Sheriff’s Office, Scott Israel, is a native of New York and the son of a New York homicide detective.



My point? We really don’t need yankee values, yankee culture, yankee laws, yankee problems imported to our beautiful state.


We don’t need “feel good” yankee laws passed that actually accomplish nothing in preventing the next mass murder.


We really don’t need to add or impose anything new. What we really need to do is to abolish many things that already exist:


1. Abolish ALL government schools. Education is not a proper function of government. Government schools obviously cannot safeguard the physical safety of your children. (Not to mention its detrimental effects on their morals, culture, faith.)


2. Abolish ALL “Gun Free” zones. Almost all mass shootings take place in “Gun Free” zones. In reality these zones are “Free Fire” zones. They are potentially some of the most dangerous areas in the country.



3. Abolish ALL gun laws. All of them! Even the US Constitution recognizes that pre-existing, God-given, natural rights “shall not be infringed.” So, stop infringing!



Were these recommendations immediately implemented, mass shooting would soon be reduced to near zero, and should one be attempted, it would soon be thwarted.


I will conclude with these final words of explanation. I am not altogether opposed to those who would like to join us from the north. I would only ask that they embrace our way of life and seek to become one with us, otherwise, they should stay up north or return posthaste.


The fact is, some of the most devoted and committed folks who join with us at Free Florida First happen to have been born in the north, but they are now completely committed to the South and our way of life and I consider them true Southerners. They have joined our organization in seeking a Free, Independent, Godly, Prosperous and Traditionally Southern Florida.

Free Florida First advocates for a Free, Independent, Godly, Prosperous, and Traditionally Southern Florida.

Deo Vindice!





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  1. "Illinois, one of the most anti-liberty states in the country."

    Incidentally, and for some reason, Illinois touts itself as Texas' big enemy.

  2. For the first time in a long distinguished career Hillary Clinton realizes she is political toast! In 2020 Donald Trump will be renominated for president as a democrat. Chuck Schumer, his good friend, will be his likely running mate. They will win in a landslide. Good news for gun owners though ... Donald will take his pro gun message with him, "Take the guns first, go through due process second." DC