Friday, June 8, 2018

Busybody -- Meddling -- yankee Carpetbaggers!

My wife and I recently made a trip to Gainesville. I dropped her off at TJ Maxx and  proceeded to one of the local gun stores. On returning to pick her up, I parked my vehicle and went into the store.

When we returned to the vehicle, we had a lovely “love note” under the wiper of our 1997 Rodeo.

I understand that there are positives and negatives to putting pro-Southern stickers on your vehicle, but I long ago determined that I would do so to reach and encourage others, if for no other reason. I suppose I’m fortunate that we were in a crowded parking lot, as there is no telling what this Social Justice Warrior might have done otherwise.

Anyway here’s how that vehicle looks (front, side & rear):

You may have noticed that my admirer could not even properly spell loser, which leads me to suspect that he was one of the brilliant students from the nearby University of Florida.

Now I’ve never felt compelled to leave notes to folks who sport Hillary stickers or Coexist stickers or Bernie stickers, etc., though I have never been a carpetbagging yankee, so I that might explain my lack of motivation. I just don’t care what other people think and do, so long as they leave me alone and don’t infringe upon my rights.

So, here I am in North Central Florida. I had direct ancestors who served in several different Confederate units from this very area of Florida. So, why should I not honor and remember them?

And yes, it’s true that I hate the yankee empire and its striped rag, but again, why should that be surprising? Or why should that be any business of this yankee?

You know, if the yankees don’t like the folks they meet down here, they could just go home. This ain’t their land. This ain’t their people. You would think that they could just behave as well-mannered guests, but then again -- they are yankees. The Southern humorist, Lewis Grizzard, had some choice words for them: “If you miss it so much, Delta is ready when you are!”

On a related -- and even sadder--  note, Free Florida First just had a booth at the Chiefland Watermelon Festival. Many folks were genuinely happy to see us there and had nothing but words of encouragement. I was, however, befuddled by reaction of one man. He had actually marked his arm with a tattoo of the Confederate Battle Flag. Yes, I understand that the practice is thoroughly pagan, but I also understand that some folks attempt to make a statement out of sincere ignorance. Regardless, he came to our booth and began to read our literature. He then asked if we wanted to “Succeed (sic) from the United States.” When I answered in the affirmative (without correcting his grammatical error) he threw down the flier and could not distance himself from us fast enough. Does he think that he supports the South by getting inked with a Battle Flag, while rejecting the very principle for which our ancestors contended? So we see, that the problem is not just yankee carpetbaggers, but even Battle Flag loving Southerners who have no real clue as to what that flag means. I’ll say this, we have folks in Free Florida First that, while not born in the South, are far more dedicated Southerners and Confederates than some other folks who might have the bloodline and the ancestors. I firmly believe that their ancestors would be ashamed of them.

By the grace of God, we shall continue on and continue to proclaim the truth to those who are prepared to receive it and to those who will bristle at it.

Free Florida First advocates for a Free, Independent, Godly, Prosperous, and Traditionally Southern Florida.

Deo Vindice!





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