Friday, March 6, 2020

A disgrace to the uniform? Or is the uniform itself a disgrace?

Okinawa, Japan, May 1945

Because of my views concerning the evil Amerikan Empire and its immoral, illegal, and unconstitutional foreign adventures, someone recently told me: “You are a disgrace to the uniform you supposedly wore.” I expressed my gratitude to that individual for his thoughts, though I think he actually had it reversed. That uniform is a disgrace to all who wear it. It has been thus for a very long time now. At one time I ignorantly and willingly wore that uniform. I thought that I did my country service. In reality I only served the Military Industrial Complex. [FYI: For what it’s worth, I served the Empire as an infantry and intelligence officer for eight years (1972-1980), and resigned my commission as a captain.]

1975, Okinawa, Japan
(This blogger, when Officer-in-Charge of
3rd Marine Division Leadership Schools)

The disgrace of that uniform was compounded recently when the Commandant of the Marine Corps ordered the removal of all Confederate flags, bumper stickers and other similar items from all Marine Corps installations.

Marine Commandant, General David Berger

If I had it to do over again, I never would have worn the uniform of the Amerikan Empire. And I strongly urge all Christians and all Southerners to avoid from doing so now at all costs. The Empire is happy to use you and your children as cannon fodder, but it hates your culture, your heritage, your flag, and ultimately you.

Kilo Co., 3rd Bn., 6th Marines in Iraq, 2005

Finally, I’ve got a suggestion for Commandant Berger. Perhaps he would like to come and personally take down this flag. 

Confederate Memorial Day at Landmark Baptist Church

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