Friday, March 20, 2020

Putting the Covid-19 Scare in a Christian and Southern Perspective

One of our members sent me an inspiring email yesterday addressing the Covid-19 panic. I think it might prove to be a blessing to y’all. It has been slightly modified to maintain the privacy of the sender and of those to whom he refers:

My daughter is on her way here for her wedding and should arrive this evening, Lord willing. My son and his gal plan to fly in on Friday and I'm just hoping the planes are still flying by then. If not, they'll drive down but won't get here until the day of the wedding.

I'm dismayed by the panic this country is exhibiting over the Coronavirus. I truly believe the average person is softer and more cowardly than our ancestors and I am, too, to some extent. But I'm not altering anything I do because of this virus. I've always washed my hands with soap regularly and I'll keep some vinegar around. In fact, earlier this week I felt another cold coming on so I dashed to the house and gargled with vinegar. It tore me up bad. Later that night my throat felt even worse so I gargled with more vinegar. When I went to bed my throat felt like it had been sanded raw, but when I woke up the next morning I was fine.

Last night a group chat that I’m a member of was inspiring. Some of the ladies were talking about the Coronavirus. I told them I didn't mean to sound flippant about the disease, but to paraphrase what Stonewall Jackson said, God has already determined the time and place of my death so I will not concern myself about that. I will instead endeavor to be ready whenever He should call me home. I added that even this virus comes by His hand and it will only do what He has planned. The ladies agreed with me and one said we can trust God.

Afterward, I got to thinking about the calmness of the ladies and their faith in God. I believe that part of the mass hysteria we're seeing is because most people have no God-given faith. They've been brainwashed to trust in the government as the supreme authority and caretaker, and now that same government doesn't have an answer.

I'm reminded of what Franklin Sanders' late wife said when she saw the "nice government men," that they wouldn't be at their front door if God hadn't sent them. The same can be said of this disease. It's here because He sent it, and perhaps it will serve as a wake-up call that Americans should not be so dependent on other countries for manufactured goods, or on the schools to feed our children two meals a day. While the schools are closed, a few responsible parents will take the opportunity to homeschool their children and this might prove beneficial in the long run.

Franklin Sanders

NOTE: The mild-mannered family man, preacher, and precious metals dealer, Franklin Sanders, has been called: “The Most Dangerous Man in the Mid-South.”

You can read of his fascinating and inspiring experiences with the Empire’s goons here:

By the Grace of God, let us all so stand!

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