Friday, October 10, 2014

"All-American" teen attempts to join ISIS

I am so confused.

Maybe someone can help me.

I read the headlines:

- FBI arrests U.S. teen accused of trying to go overseas to join ISIS

- American student, 19, 'trying to join ISIS' arrested at Chicago's O'Hare airport after leaving note for his parents signed 'PLEASE MAKE SURE NOT TO TELL THE AUTHORITIES'

So, I’m thinking . . . “U.S. teen” . . . “American student” . . . Is this really possible?
Has Wally Cleaver perhaps, went over to the dark side?

Darker even than Eddie Haskell?

But then I saw the name and the photo of the “American teen”

Mohammed Hamzah Khan

It wasn't Wally after all.

Wow! I guess “American teens” aren't quite like I remembered them being. (Of course, I attended high school in the 60's)

Turns out Mohammed is a graduate of the Furqaan Academy, an Islamic school across the street from his house.

No, No, not like that, like this . . .

You know, a typical suburban American school.

Evidently Mohammed’s parents were at his arraignment.

No, not that, this . . .

I’m just so confused.
How could this All-American family produce a son who would attempt to join a radical Islamist organization?

All I can say is that I sure hope that the Beav hasn’t been radicalized.

So . . . is it great to be an American or what??

Problem is, I’m not sure that I know what it means to be an American anymore. 

I used to think I knew, but if Mohammed Hamzah Khan is an all-American teen . . . I guess I just don’t know anymore.


And on a somewhat related note, please consider the new Assistant Director for US Citizenship and Immigration:

Fatima Noor

But, what should we expect from a President of the US who is named Barak Hussein Obama?

For many years now I've been telling my wife: "I think I've lived way too long."

You know you just couldn't have made this stuff up . . . no one would have believed you even thirty years ago.


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