Friday, July 3, 2015

End of the Road, Amerika!

Much of my sermon this past Sunday dealt with the matter of the embracing of sodomite “marriage” by the United States of America. I’ll not duplicate that sermon here. If you are interested you may listen to it at this link:

What I will say is that sodomy indicates the end of the road for any people.

According to Romans 1, sodomy does not bring God’s judgment, it IS God’s judgment.

When God has given up on a people, He turns them over to the unnatural lusts of homosexuality.

For many years we have been traveling down the road of destruction until we have come to the point that as a nation we now “have pleasure in them that do” these unclean, dishonorable, vile, unnatural, disgraceful, things (Romans 1:32; these descriptions of sodomy are taken from Romans 1).

Legally these despicable sins may now to be redefined as “marriage,” should the practitioners of them desire it to be so. But they will never be marriage before the Sovereign God of the universe.

Amerika is finished and I’m finished with Amerika, though I have to admit I arrived at that conviction long before this past weekend.

  • I will not salute the candy striped rag.
  • I will not recite the socialist pledge to that rag.
  • I will encourage all Christians and all Southerners to avoid service in the Empire’s military.

My true citizenship is in heaven (Phil. 3:20).

In the earthly realm, until the Lord calls me home, I acknowledge but one earthly country.

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