Friday, March 4, 2016

Some thoughts on the Presidential Dog and Pony Show

Here are some thoughts and observations from the news of this previous week. They’re probably aren’t worth spit, but they might help stimulate some better thoughts of your own.

1.  I see that one of Hillary Clinton’s associates has been offered immunity in the on-going probe of her mishandling of classified information. This assistant, Bryan Pagliano, had previously invoked the Fifth Amendment, but is now cooperating with the FBI. Some believe that this spells real trouble for Hillary, and by all rights it should, but I suspect that it may indicate the very opposite. With immunity from prosecution, Mr. Pagliano can now become the fall guy, without the risk of indictment. He can now take all the blame for the email fiasco and Hillary can be exonerated. The claim will be that she did not know and did not understand. Of course this would expose her as an idiot, but there’s no reason to believe that this would dissuade her supporters. She is already a proven lair, a war criminal and a murderer and none of that has decreased her support among her zombie-like followers. If she avoids doing hard time, I see little standing in the way for her ascendance to the presidential throne in the District of Corruption.

2.  To all appearances the Necon Republican establishment is prepared to do anything to prevent the nomination of Donald Trump. Let me say clearly: I do not trust Mr. Trump. I don’t believe a word he says. I do not believe that there is an honest or sincere bone in his body. However, I find it interesting that some prominent Republican Establishment insiders have already said that they would support Hillary over Trump in the general election. Trump at least professes to support a non-interventionist, nationalistic foreign policy. Of course that is the exactly opposite the policies of the establishment necons. Hillary, on the other hand, has proven herself to be an establishment necon. I cannot remember  an intervention or a war that she has not avidly supported.

3. If somehow, against all odds, Trump should manage to win the nomination and the election . . . don’t look for any real change. He will manifest himself to be yet another puppet who said what was necessary to placate the masses and win the election. Washington will never fundamentally change. And that is why I don’t work myself into a froth over the elections. That is why I will not vote for any of the clowns running for President and that is why secession is the only viable answer – that is, unless the Amerikan Empire collapses in upon itself first.

4. I read today that some foreign countries have expressed genuine concern about a Trump presidency. As mentioned above, I don’t believe there would be any real changes, but he has said somethings that might concern some other nations. For instance he has indicated that the defense of Japan and Germany ought to be the responsibility of Japan and Germany and that it ought not to be carried on the backs of American taxpayers.

As noted, I find this all somewhat amusing, though I know it means nothing of real import.

Just keep reminding yourself that if voting changed anything they wouldn’t let you do it.

Deo Vindice!


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