Friday, April 15, 2016

The Only Folks You Can Discriminate Against Are Christians and Southerners

It’s strange how all these folks are discriminating against Southerners and Christians who object to having sexually confused grown men use the same restroom facilities as little girls.

Bruce Springsteen, Disney, the NFL, et al, are free to refuse to enter into business dealings with Christians and Southerners, but Christians and Southerners are vilified and fined for standing upon their convictions.

Most of you know that Christian business owners have actually been taken to court and fined for declining to participate in Sodomite wedding celebrations.

If you cannot operate your own business in accordance with the dictates of your own conscience – you are NOT free.

If you cannot determine who you will associate with – you are NOT free.

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of having the Feral Federal government dictate to me every aspect of my life.

The Constitution of our forefathers is dead – D*E*A*D – DEAD! The America I grew up in, for all its faults, is dead – D*E*A*D – DEAD!

I mean, just where in the Constitution do we find the article in which the states delegated jurisdiction of restrooms to the Federal government?

For me, it’s just another chapter of: Ain’t My Flag! Ain’t My County.

No, I’m not proud to be an “American, where at least I know I’m free.” That, my friends, is just a sick joke. There is NO FREEDOM left in Amerika! You are only free to do exactly what THEY tell you to do.

I am thankful to be a Southerner and a Christian and I want nothing to do with your cursed US flag or your cursed US government or its cursed leaders.

Once again, I invite y’all out to our Confederate Memorial Day on April 23rd & 24th. There was indeed a time when we had a godly land and godly leaders. We pause to remember them and to thank God for them.


Deo Vindice!


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