Friday, April 1, 2016

The Party of Lincoln Is NOT Your Redeemer

Last week I shared my thoughts on the scum-sucking corporate interests that were attempting to pressure the governor of Georgia to veto the Religious Freedom Act. The act would have given some small measure of protection to Christians against the assaults recently been mounted by the militant LGBT movement against everything that is pure and honorable.

Governor Nathan Deal, the craven coward, has now surpassed the vileness of these low-lives. He has indeed vetoed the bill and has opened the door for ever increasing persecution of Christians in Georgia. Deal is a native Georgian and has proven himself the consummate scalawag. Historically scalawags were native Southerners who sold their souls to the yankee carpetbaggers who had invaded the South after the of the War for Southern Independence to feed upon the misfortunes of the Southern people. Deal is a disgrace to his state and to his supposed manhood.

But we really should not expect anything else from a governor who masqueraded as a conservative and who represents the party of the arch-tyrant Abraham (Ape) Lincoln?

What has happened to us Southerners that we now look to the party of Lincoln for our redemption? It’s time to wash our hands of these Republicans, to leave the ungodly yankee union, and to go our own way.

Until we can bring that to fruition, we need to start with some small steps in our own lives:

1. Stop participating in the sham elections of the empire. By doing so we will demonstrate that we DO NOT consent to their illegitimate rule.

2. Stop flying their striped rag and stop reciting the idolatrous and treasonous pledge to it.

3. Stop offering your children as bloody sacrifices to the pagan deity of the imperial U.S. military.

4. Stop tranquilizing yourselves focusing your attention on the meaningless corporate circuses of the NFL, the NCAA, Hollywood entertain, etc., etc. Those folks hate your guts. They hate your culture. They hate you heritage. They hate your Sovereign Lord. 

5. Educate yourselves and your children. Wake up and realize that you are living under a tyranny. Do not comply. Resist.
Deo Vindice!


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