Friday, January 1, 2016

Guns to Protect Me, but Not to Protect Thee!

Generally, those that would make themselves rulers over us deserve neither obedience, nor respect. They are generally power hungry hypocritical tyrants.

Just consider the matter of firearms and self-defense.

From President Obama down to many local sheriffs they believe that you should not have guns at all, or that at the very least, your gun rights should be severely restricted. However, from their perspective, firearms are essential and perfectly legitimate for the protection of themselves and their families -- and at your expense to boot.

Yes, Obama has 24/7 armed Secret Service armed protection, yet he assures you and I that we would be safer without guns.

The Obama daughters attend the Sidwell Friends School in Washington, DC. That school has at least 11 armed security officers. But Obama and other elite of his ilk oppose the idea of protecting your children by allowing their teachers and administrators to be armed in the government schools.

Sidwell Friends School, Washington, DC

Former New York Mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg has spent millions of dollars to restrict your right to keep and bear arms, but he is never in the public without his heavily armed security.

Bloomberg and his heavily armed security

Recently Virginia’s Attorney General, in a partial pay back to Bloomberg for his financial support, unilaterally revoked Virginia’s concealed carry reciprocity with over 25 states. However, Attorney General Mark Herring and his partner in crime, liberal Democrat Governor Terry McAuliffe, enjoy armed security at the expense of Virginia taxpayers. The Virginia legislature is actually discussing stripping the Governor and the Attorney General of their security as a consequence of their unconscionable actions, but there is little likelihood that they will actually do so.

Pinellas County, Florida, Sheriff Bob Gualtieri, who opposes a legislative proposal to allow open carry in Florida, has warned Florida citizens that they will be “thrown down on the ground with a gun pointed at them — or worse” should they presume to openly carry a firearm, as this arrogant elitist does daily. Furthermore he said if an armed citizen were to enter a bank that was being robbed he is “going to take one in the chest because he’s a threat.”

Folks, you should not need a state issued costume to carry a firearm for self-protection. IT IS A GOD-GIVEN RIGHT! 

These arrogant, immoral elitists have no legitimate authority to strip us of the right to defend ourselves and our families by keeping and bearing arms. 

The politicians and social engineers want to strip us of our firearms, I say why don’t y’all set the example? Y’all go first and let us know how that works out for you! 

I’ll think I’ll just keep my guns.

Deo Vindice!


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