Thursday, September 11, 2014

USSA Flying Apart

Everyday there is more and more evidence that the USSA must soon fly apart at the seams.
This past week Officer Darren Wilson of Ferguson, Missouri put a premature end to the criminal career of one Michael Brown. Brown died minutes after having committed a strong-armed robbery and he died with as yet an undetermined amount of drugs in his system.
It appears that Officer Wilson was seriously injured in an incident that immediately proceeded his dispatch of said criminal.
Beyond this little is known at this time, but there is endless speculation and rushing to judgment. The officer is being tried in the court of public opinion with very little investigation or evidence. I have even heard some call for the execution of Officer Wilson and this without so much as having had evidence presented to a Grand Jury.
The Federal government has already become involved promising to make this a Federal case and to bring Federal charges, as they may deem appropriate. Attorney General Erik Holder has been dispatch to manage the situation by President Obummer. Even the Governor of Missouri is calling for a "vigorous prosecution" of Darren Wilson . . . BEFORE the investigation has completed and BEFORE a Grand Jury has heard the evidence. The Governor should be removed from office for prejudicing a criminal case.
Certain folks in Ferguson are demonstrating their displeasure by breaking into business and stealing televisions, whiskey, and whatever else they can lay their hands upon. How this demonstrates the righteousness of their case is rather difficult for some of us to comprehend.
It is reported that police are refusing to take action against these looters, but the National Guard has been called in to maintain the safety of the police headquarters.
Some business owners have managed to maintain the security of their businesses by deploying their own privately owned firearms.  But we can only imagine what will be their fate, at the hands of state and federal authorities, should they actually harm one of these "protected minority" criminals.
How will this all end? How far will the mayhem spread? No one knows.
Make preparations to protect yourself and your kith, kin and possessions. (Actually you should have done this long ago). If you don't own an AR or an AK and an abundant supply of ammunition, please explain to me why you don't. Who do you think will protect you? The police? They only care for "officer safety" and the protection of the political hierarchy.
I believe that the proper and moral route is to trust God and fill your multitude of magazines to their capacity. 
Perhaps the best that we can hope for is that the police and military will be so busy protecting themselves from the barbarians that they will not have the time or opportunity to prevent us from PROTECTING and DEFENDING OURSELVES and that which is ours.
I don't have all the answers. I have no idea of how this, or the next crisis will end. I do know, by the Grace of God, I intend to prepare myself and mine.

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