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This is a summary of a Presentation I gave to our folks here at Free Florida First back in April of 2013. 

  1. In 1845, Florida entered the union as the 27th state. The citizens of Tallahassee presented the first governor of the State, William D. Moseley, with a design for a state flag.

  2. Do you think the intent was to surrender our sovereignty?
  3. Do you think the intent was to become a mindless servant of DC?
  4. Obviously, we have been an independent minded people from the start.
  5. Our message to DC from the very beginning was: "LET US ALONE" 

On January 10, 1861, Florida became the third state to secede from the United States.

  1. The flag  below was flown at the capitol in Tallahassee on Secession Day
  2. It bears the motto: “The Rights of the South at ALL Hazards!

  1. Secession remains a valid option
  2. In fact, it is the only viable option
  3. Here a Florida Cavalryman shows the flag designed by Col Chase in Pensacola. It’s canton contains the “Bonnie Blue” flag, first utilized by the Republic of West Florida in 1810. (the single star is a symbol of political sovereignty)
  4. Florida was an independent nation in 1810; and again in 1861, prior to joining the Confederacy.
  5. She has at no time ceded her Sovereignty to another. Not in joining the USA in 1845; Not in joining the CSA in 1861.
  6. Certainly NOT in being forced back into an involuntary “union” in 1865 at the point of a bayonet.

  1. The Southern people have never sought to “destroy the union” nor to take control of the United States government.
  2. The words of our President, Jefferson Davis at his 1861 inauguration reflect our only desire and harken back the flag Florida displayed when joining the union: "All we ask is to be left alone." 

  1. Florida only asks: LET US ALONE!
  2. NO, Florida demands: LET US ALONE!

  1. Every day, increasingly so, the US flag morphs into a communistic and immoral banner.
  2. How can any God-fearing Christian and Southerner pledge allegiance to such a monstrosity?
  3. As I am often apt to say: “Ain’t my flag; Ain’t my country”

  1. Reform is NOT possible
  2. Secession is the only viable option.
  3. It is time and past time to leave the Amerikan Police State.

  1. So, hop aboard the “dissolution wagon”
  2. Do it for the children!

Because the Evil Empire (Amerika) continues its unavoidable decline and unless we go our own way . . .

Free Florida First advocates for a Free, Independent, Godly, Prosperous, and Traditionally Southern Florida.

Deo Vindice!





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